PRI Celestial Wellness Emerges As Hope For Chronically Ill Patients

The Jamaica-based wellness center PRI Celestial Wellness will give hope to chronically ill patients.

Dr. Troy Byer, the CEO of Mindology Fitness, Omar Barnett, CEO of Prospective Research Innovations Inc., and Elvira Guzman-Barnett, CEO of Elvie G PR, have decided to join forces to help bring hope to chronically ill patients from across the globe. Together, they are bringing PRI Celestial Wellness to Jamaica.

Their wellness center will have the most updated medications and medical equipment to better assist our patients to recover and fully heal.

Chronically ill patients will receive care at the wellness center for one to three months to speed up their recovery process. They will have 31 hotel suites, and the hotel is situated on more than 2 acres of gorgeous Jamaican shoreline. They encouraged the patient’s family to join them since love is a powerful healer.

Speaking to the media,  Dr. Troy Byer said, “It is a privilege and an honor to partner with Elvira and Omar, the founders of PRI Celestial. I believe, the realization of our collective vision will provide new pathways, paved with great hope, for those who were previously hopeless.”

The proprietor of the US company conducting medical research that is expanding the quickest is Kingston, Jamaica native, Omar Barnett. Legendary actress and director Dr. Troy Byer is now a psychologist. Bob Marley’s mother served as the maid of honor at Dr. Troy Byer’s wedding, which took place in Jamaica.

“We wanted to bring about changes in helping chronically ill patients recover. They feel low due to their ill health, and staying at hospitals alone is often depressing for them. With this wellness center, they will be able to stay with their families, which we hope will speed up the process. They will feel less lonely and more encouraged to get well,” said Omar Barnett.

The wellness center owners are in the process of purchasing and renovating the hotel to fit medical standards for chronically ill patients, and they hope to open in early 2023.

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About PRI Celestial Wellness:

Omar Barnett, Dr. Troy Byer, and Omar Byer have teamed up to create PRI Celestial Wellness in Jamaica. Patients with chronic illnesses will receive treatment at the wellness resort for one to three months to help with the recovery process. The hotel is located on more than 2 acres of stunning Jamaican shoreline and will offer 31 hotel suites. Since love is a potent healer, they encouraged the patient’s relatives to join them.

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