Presidential Candidate Calls for Third Party Strategy

ORLANDO, Florida, October 21, 2016 –A few days ago, “Rocky” Roque De La Fuente, the presidential nominee of the Reform Party and the American Delta Party, published a blog on his website.In it, he posed an interesting scenario in which a third party candidate might become President of the United States.

De La Fuente assaults the media for “pretend(ing) that only Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump can be the next President of the United States.” He then expresses a common frustration: “As the two major party candidates stoop to new lows in personal attacks and set records for being negatively viewed, there are a few candidates who prefer to focus on the issues we’re going to have to live with after the name calling has subsided; issues like the economy, trade, immigration, education and foreign policy. Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Darrell Castle, Evan McMullin and I (Rocky De La Fuente) are still running for President, and we’re still talking about those issues.” And there’s a chance that one of us could become President.”

De La Fuente bases his claim on what happens under the Twelfth Amendment if neither of the major candidates gets the necessary 270 electoral votes. In that case, the House decides the presidency in a runoff between the top three candidates who received electoral votes.

If that were to happen, De La Fuente believes that neither of the major parties is likely to support the other party’s candidate, and coupled withthe divide among Republicans, the House may favor a third party candidate. He is calling upon third party candidates to work together so that one of them has a chance to be that candidate.

De La Fuente offers the following: “Let’s assume for a moment that Trump squeaks out victories in Florida, Iowa, North Carolina and Ohio and that Clinton sweeps the east and west coasts. If the Rocky Mountain States of Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico came into play along with the adjacent states Arizona, Nevada, North and South Dakota with Alaska thrown in for good measure, Clinton would receive 249 electoral votes, Trump would receive 233, and ‘the House wins,’ as they say in Las Vegas.”

De La Fuente realizes that this strategy represents an extreme longshot. First, because it would require the cooperation of the other third party candidates, and secondly, because it would require the voters in these states to actually consider someone other than a Democrat or Republican in the presidential election. However, every third party candidate is used to facing long odds, so maybe they would be willing to pull together to do something that De La Fuente says might “save democracy.”

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