Premier real estate investor, Mathew Moxness announces a new apartment coming to Niagara Falls

Premier real estate investor, Mathew Moxness, with his real estate company, Crescendo Equity, is currently redefining real estate in Canada by successfully rezoning a retirement home in the Niagara region. The retirement home will be repurposed into an apartment building to help with real estate supply issues.

Canadian real estate is at a critical point with declining housing affordability due to supply shortages, unprecedented levels of activity, record-high average home prices and rental rates, as well as overwhelming demand; regardless of region or home type. These conditions continue to be the biggest challenge facing Canadian homebuyers, particularly first-time buyers.

To improve these challenging market conditions and help more Canadians enter into home ownership, Crescendo Equity has channeled its focus on the acquisition, repositioning, and management of underperforming assets. The company is seeking strategic partners to invest in real estate opportunities that are consistent with its investment strategies in Canada. ”We actively invest in a range of real estate equity opportunities offering exceptional investments returns to investors”, said the founder, Mathew Moxness.

It is widely understood that Canada has a dire shortage of housing, demand in Ontario alone exceeds one million homes. At the same time, the Federal government policy on immigration numbers reached close to 500,000 newcomers, exacerbating the situation.

Crescendo’s vision is to contribute to resolving this issue head-on by way of new purpose-built buildings and renovating dilapidated properties thereby adding quality accommodations to markets and cleaning up neighbourhoods.

However, it is pertinent to note that this effort in the Canadian real estate market is hampered by the pace at which municipalities deliver the necessary approvals. In the length of time it takes to get a general construction project approved, Canada ranks 34 out of 35 OECD countries. It takes nearly 250 days to get a permit in Canada – three times (168 days) longer than its competitors in the United States. In the OECD, only the Slovak Republic takes longer.

Mathew Moxness hopes the permit process will be sped up to expedite Canadas competitiveness. One of the most important components in our economic policy in Canada is to attract newcomers in order to sustain growth and meet our goals. Said Mathew. ”Newcomers, the new university downtown Niagara Falls and jobs to name a few, all feed into demand in the Niagara region. As such, prioritizing streamlining permits and rezoning from A to Z should be of paramount importance. said Mathew.

In its commitment to helping contribute to the housing supply shortage issue, Crescendo Equity has embarked on some promising new projects, including the new apartment coming to Niagara Falls and 2 other apartment building developments in Ontario.

About the Company

Crescendo Equity is directed by a team of dedicated senior real estate investors. For over a decade, Crescendo Equity has operated throughout all market conditions and financial cycles and has acquired millions in multifamily and commercial real estate in Canada. Since its founding, Crescendo Equity has become a recognized provider of investment opportunities in real estate projects.

The founder, Mathew Moxness is an investor and entrepreneur. He has extensive transactional experience with an emphasis on multifamily. He has a broad experience across various asset types in the real estate industry, buying and holding combined with creative ways to finance projects. His business model has developed to date that he is focused primarily on underperforming apartments and builds. He is actively involved in the acquisition of apartment properties and the structuring of real estate deals. Mathew has been featured on HGTV, CHCH, and many other notable home channels for some of his projects.

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