Premier Investment Advisors Activest Helps Leverage Human Expertise through Technology

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Activest announces plans to help leverage human expertise through technology.

Activest, the reputed financial advisors known for their specialization in wealth management, financial planning, investments and family office services has announced plans to continue leveraging human expertise through technology.

“Activest is a group of financial advisors dedicated to ensuring your and your family’s heritage,” says the spokesperson for the company. “We study your past, commit ourselves to your present and plan your future taking your needs and views into consideration and by putting ourselves in your shoes. At Activest, we take care of your money as if it was ours and we solve together your problems, as family.”

Activest has a unique approach to taking care of the financial well-being of their clients. They put their capital and time in finding the top experts ineach industry or asset segment to deliver their clients the best service. 

The firm prioritizes to remain current with the industry’s latest trends so the benefits of the latest technological advances can be incorporated into the solutions they offer. This helps them remain at the forefront of the developments in the industry.

A key achievement of Activest is their in-house developed portfolio management software. It is at the core of their service as the software is the source for most of their processes. The system is connected to multiple sources of information providing them with up to date data related to all of their customer’s assets and liabilities, aggregating all different custodians and type of assets into a single screen. Even more important, Activest advisors can easily understand their client’s exposure and manage their risks appropriately through the use of advanced portfolio management tools. 

There has been a steady churn in the finance sector as new technologies are being introduced on a regular basis to ensure better efficiency and enhanced customer support. The use of technology has allowed companies to deliver better results at a lower cost and less time. 

The company is focused on improving the industry by utilizing the current human-based services and combining them with technology.

”We believe that technology is a powerful and useful tool but it certainly cannot be seen as a replacement for complex inter-human relations”, the spokesperson added. “There are many examples of integration of technology in investment processes such as the automation of quantitative analysis of company balance sheets and economic indicators.” 

Activest has also focused on improving customer experience substantially. Their clients will be able to access all their accounts through a log in that provides comprehensive data through a single report. They can also understand the impact of future investment suggestions and thus choose a more responsible investment plan.

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About Activest:

Activest is a leading and reputed wealth management firm registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The firm provides wealth management services to institutions and individuals. The Florida-based enterprise has more than 20 years of industry experience and is known for its transparency, performance and experience.

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