Powerev Provides More Details and Guidance on Applying For the OLEV Workplace Charging Scheme

PowerEV has long been a specialist in the installation of electric vehicle charging points across the UK, and its service has already benefitted numerous organisations. PowerEV knows full well that anyone interested in electric charging stations in their properties can apply for an OLEV workplace charging scheme grant, and it has now made the entire process easier with its detailed guide and advice.

UNITED KINGDOM – Electric vehicles are now a much more common sight on UK roads and motorways, and the sustainability and efficiency provided by electric vehicles are much appreciated by those who own and drive them. The government and other organisations have long supported the use of sustainable technology, and the green revolution has hit the country – and other countries around the globe – in a big way.

Today, there is one company that has been a pioneer in offering sustainable solutions for customers in different sectors: PowerEV. PowerEV is a specialist and expert in the installation of electric vehicle charging stations, and its industry experience has enabled it to provide its clients with all the answers they need regarding their installation. With help and guidance from PowerEV, a lot of customers have been able to make a truly successful transition and benefit from highly advanced and efficient installations for their electric vehicles.

And now, PowerEV has upped the ante even further by providing interested parties with all the information they require regarding the OLEV workplace charging scheme or grant. The OLEV workplace charging scheme is the perfect way for companies and organisations to improve their sustainability as well as take advantage of vouchers that allow them to install an electric vehicle charging station at their properties or premises for a much more reasonable price. With the vouchers they receive from OLEV, these organisations and businesses can have their own electric vehicle charging stations for their employees as well as visitors to their premises who have electric vehicles – and not only this, they can also improve their reputation when it comes to sustainability and offer a green solution to both workers and customers alike.

PowerEV confirms that it is relatively easy to apply for an OLEV workplace charging scheme – applicants can do it online, and with PowerEV’s help and experience, they can do it and take advantage of the scheme in no time.

About the company:

PowerEV is a leading provider of installation services for electric vehicle drivers across the United Kingdom, and this Doncaster-based company has years of experience in the EV sector, helping electric vehicle owners and drivers get the installation as well as the sustainable solution they need. For the most pertinent details on the OLEV workplace grant for electric vehicle charging stations, visit the PowerEV website. 

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