Power & Pressure Washing With Canadian Restorations

For all of your power washing needs, look no further than Canadian Restorations

There are a million different reasons your home or business could use power and pressure washing services, specifically under the expert hands of Canadian Restorations GTA Inc. for those extra difficult tasks at hand.

Garage Cleaning Service

Underground garages receive high levels of filthy exhaust, coating the concrete walls in a grime and leaving that resonating air of musty, murky filth. Especially if your professional business is expecting high-priority clientele, or you just want to improve the quality of your employees overall work experience, you’ll want to hire Canadian Restorations GTA Inc. for their professional cleaning. More than that, they restore these underground parking garages to their former glory. Regular maintenance prevents your underground parking garages from getting to such a high level of disgust. Let Canadian Restorations GTA Inc. takes care of the maintenance; you’ll be happy you did.

Media Blasting

You may be wondering just what media blasting is—it’s a form of soda blasting; it’s a much more gentle method than sandblasting. You get the ultimate preservation of below-surface layers of the application site; all while allowing the proper cleaning of otherwise wrecked or ruined surfaces.

Soda blasting has been one of the premier methods of cleaning even the most stubborn structures. Its application restored our lovely Lady Liberty in New York City, US to her former glory. For decades, it has been a trusted method of properly cleaning the more tortured surfaces without compromising integrity.

Sidewalk Cleaning

Gum stains, chemical stains, — and they’re all terrible looking on that sidewalk leading up to your business. With their expert pressure washing, every spot will shine with a welcoming glimmer, bringing your customers coming back through the doors of your business.

Graffiti Removal

Vandalism cost an extremely high amount to get removed, unless you choose Canadian Restorations GTA Inc. for the job. With their fair quotes and exceptional graffiti removal abilities, you’ll be glaring at your newly restored business area with pride. Neglecting graffiti removal gives the appearance of a condemned or shifty business.

Beyond simple removal, Canadian Restorations GTA Inc. offers an anti-graffiti coating to apply to your building. You can choose between two options: sacrificial or permanent, and both are extremely effective in combating any further attempts vandals may make at graffiti your business. It’s also enough to deter them from attempting a second time. Vandals don’t get the satisfaction of repeatedly hitting the same spot with these options.


The experts at Canadian Restorations GTA Inc. assess your property for the appropriate means of restoration, quote you a price, and get to work. With their professional service at the helm, you’ll see fantastic restoration to your business.

Whether or not you possess a power or pressure washer, you’ll appreciate the hands-free worry that comes with Canadian Restorations GTA Inc. and their impeccable services.

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