Pothole Frustrations Leave Drivers Wondering Where to Turn

In the North, potholes are a fact of life.  Road surfaces expand and contract with changing temperatures, and that causes cracks, bumps, and potholes.  Those road hazards can cause serious damage to a vehicle’s health – particularly the tires.

Each time a tire encounters one of these hazards, the impact can impart an astounding amount of force onto it.  Despite being flexible and calibrated to handle normal wear and tear of a properly maintained roadway, many tires – especially those well into their life-cycles – cannot stand up to the increased forces that these impacts bring.

In March of this year, Vaughan resident Cindy Thompson found out the hard way.  A pothole on Highway 7 damaged all four of her tires.  Worse still, when she attempted to contact the city for help in getting a resolution, she was soon lost in a maze of bureaucratic back-and-forth.

Thompson’s run-in with the pothole happened in a construction zone, so responsibility fell onto York Region Rapid Transit Corporation to deal with her claim.  Unfortunately, for Thompson, because the authorities responded well within the required time limit, she is left to deal with over $1000 in damages to her vehicle.

Vaughan business Autobahn Tire wants to help ease the pain that these potholes can cause.  The company offers a variety of services at fair prices to help with pothole damage.  One option could be to have the tire repaired.  Sometimes, a tire is only slightly damaged by an encounter with a pothole.  In these cases – where the integrity of the tire is not at risk – damage can be repaired at a relatively low cost.

Of course, if the sidewalls are damaged, repairs are not possible and replacement becomes the only option. Autobahn Tire has many solutions in this case.  Used tires can be had for as little as $19, while new replacements start at $49.

Tires aren’t the only part of the car in danger from potholes, either.  Potholes can cause damage to rims, vehicle alignment, and suspension, too.  Autobahn Tire offers a complete range of services to help drivers with these and other problems.  Alloy rims start at only $99, and alignment services are as low as $49.  The trained and certified technicians at Autobahn Tire can also tackle damaged shocks and struts.

For Thompson, whose car is 17 years old, the prospect of collision insurance didn’t seem necessary, though it probably would have helped.  Many collision policies cover road hazards such as potholes.  It is important that drivers understand the limits and provisions of their policies in order to protect themselves from unanticipated damage.  Autobahn Tire provides clear estimates to assist drivers in filing claims and getting back on the road.

Autobahn Tire is an innovator in the automotive industry.  Started by car enthusiasts with a passion for cutting edge design and luxury styling, they specialize in the Eastern car market, and their team consists of professional auto designers, engineers, and mechanics. To learn more, visit their website at AutobahnTire.com.

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