PostSocialCo helps businesses in managing their social media accounts to engage potential customers

PostSocialCo is a popular online service that assists the businesses in handling their social media accounts every day. It helps the individuals and businesses in managing their social media channels effectively to connect with potential customers in a better way. The company posts fresh and relevant content including articles, videos, and images on the client’s social media handles to engage customers online. It also assists the client in optimizing their social media profiles by reviewing all the content and maximizing the visibility.

For almost every business nowadays, social media presence has become crucial for their growth but often, they are not able to manage it effectively due to lack of time and resources or in other cases they must pay a huge cost to hire an employee for that specific job. PostSocialCo offers a convenient option for the businesses to outsource their social media engagement at a reasonable cost. The company provides 24/7 content posting, 365 days a year to engage the maximum audience. A well-trained content specialist is assigned the job to post relevant content for the client, after thorough research about their company, target audience, and competitors.

PostSocialCo has received many good reviews from the clients such as Joan Turner from Boston, who says, “I didn’t really understand how social media branding could be so profitable for my small business. My posts are consistent with my brand and the message is not a quick sell it is more of a value proposition. I am keeping the service on because it saves me so much time and pays for itself by generating incremental sales”.

PostSocialCo holds years of experience in social media marketing and makes subtle use of client’s social media profile for self-promotion. They will post links on the social media pages redirecting the users to company’s website so that they can know more about the products, offers etc. The clients can purchase their first month of service by filling in the order form with information about their social media accounts, pics of current logos & creative, two sentences about the positioning of their business, products, and services in the market along with two sentences about where they wish to take their business in future.

The company starts posting within 48 hours of gaining access to social media accounts and the clients will be billed once a month. Additionally, the company does not ask the client for any contract, memberships or commitments to continue with the services.

The clients can also request for specific products, promotions, or specials by simply sending an email to PostSocialCo. More information about the services can be seen at

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