Positioning An Eco Technology Company, Focusing On Eco Friendly Packaging

Energy conservation and environmental protection are the direction of national development, and circular economy is the core focus of global industries. The green revolution with environmental protection as the theme will become the main theme of Chinese enterprises. Since its establishment, EBI has established the business philosophy of “developing a circular economy and striving to be a pioneer in environmental protection”, closely linking the development of the enterprise with environmental protection technology, and actively practicing environmental management. In the future, the company will devote itself to the research and development of functional films and “degradable plastics” technology, laying a more solid foundation for becoming an environmentally friendly technology company with global operations and management.

Positioning an eco technology company, focusing on eco friendly packaging

Environmental protection technology two-wheel drive

Due to the continuous improvement of consumption levels, consumers not only pay attention to the inner quality of the product, but also care about the quality of the product packaging. In the future, with the rapid development of the green packaging industry, packaging companies with environmental protection technology innovation will have a greater advantage.

President Lily said that EBI focuses on global business development and pragmatically shapes the development positioning of “environmental protection and technology”. The company’s new environmental product customers include American ecos company, scentbird company and boost oxygen company, etc. User-oriented customers include Carrefour Supermarket, TESCO Supermarket, Wal-Mart Supermarket and other supermarkets and packaging companies.

Positioning an eco technology company, focusing on eco friendly packaging1

In the wave of green actions by Chinese companies, EBI will rely on the accumulation of experience in international cooperation, relying on the core advantages of environmental protection technology innovation, and cooperate with more companies and organizations with a good sense of social responsibility, and will go all out to make itself A service provider of environmental protection packaging solutions for Chinese companies.
Committed to research and development of new products President Lily said that he will make use of the strategic development opportunities of listing on the New Third Board, through the improvement of corporate governance, brand effect, expansion of financing channels, and standardization of information disclosure to prepare for future listing. At present, the EBI R&D Center is actively exploring the research, development and promotion of “degradable plastics” technology, as well as research on the quality characteristics of environmentally friendly packaging plastics and product functionalization, striving to produce new packaging materials and innovative products, and further relying on technological advantages to make EBI an environmentally friendly Benchmarking enterprise.

At present, the domestic polyester film industry belongs to a perfectly competitive industry. Foreign-funded enterprises, Sino-foreign joint ventures and domestic-funded enterprises are involved. In the industry, companies in the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries have strong R&D capabilities, and their products are mainly functional films with high technical content and high added value; Sino-foreign joint ventures can also produce a variety of functional films with the help of foreign-funded enterprises’ technical strength Products: Domestic manufacturers are mainly packaging films, and the competition is relatively fierce. Some film manufacturers focus on the research and development and production of functional films. The products can realize import substitution and have strong competitiveness.

Lily said that the company has always attached great importance to technology research and development, and has consistently taken the environmental protection of technology use as the first element. , And increase investment in research and development every year. At the same time, when the company is doing technology research and development, it must ensure that the use of technology is environmentally friendly.

Reforming the traditional packaging industry through environmental protection concepts and technological innovation has both economic and social significance. In terms of economy, the green packaging industry has a huge space and is a sunrise industry. The company has core competitiveness in this regard. The company can achieve good economic returns and at the same time bring good returns to investors. In addition, through its own positioning, the company uses the power of science and technology to do environmental protection, so that the two can develop in a coordinated manner and contribute to the country’s environmental protection cause, which has good social significance.

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