Popular Colombian Instagramer, Sergionicr Continues To Expand His Reach Across Social Media

Social media celebrity, Sergionicr, collaborates with more influencers as he expands his territories across different platforms

Sergionicr, otherwise known as Sergio Nicolas R Rodriguez, has been described by many as the biggest internet export from Colombia, with the social media influencer carving a niche for his charisma, style, the form of content, and personality. Over the years, he has grown in prominence to become one of the biggest influencers with a lot of impact in the Instagram community in Colombia.

The world of social media influencing has literally exploded in recent times, as more brands across the globe look to leverage the popularity and massive following of content creators across different platforms to reach their target audience. In a related development, the industry has become increasingly competitive due to the emergence of thousands of content creators. However, the likes of Sergionicr have seemingly mastered the art of standing out and delivering captivating content to the audience.

Sergionicr has expanded his reach across Instagram and Twitter since he ventured into the world of influencer marketing in 2011. Sergionicr (Sergio) became known for tweets and unique content on Instagram and he has subsequently honed his skills in content creation and social media management. He has worked with other influencers from different parts of the world and received several brand endorsements and accolades.

Sergio was selected to host the Nickelodeon Colombia 2016 awards, covering the orange carpet of the event. In addition to putting out amazing content on social media, Sergionicr is a lover of arts, traveling, fast food, especially Mexican, and photography, a career that he took up in college. The 1.70 meters tall online celebrity also likes to cook and love video games, especially the Assassins Creed series.

According to him, he would love to have dogs. However, the lack of time to take care of them has inhibited him from owning a canine. Defining himself as a very open person, Sergio likes everything related to constructions, interior design, and good taste to the fullest. He is also a music lover, creating several singles that have enjoyed thousands of streams on Spotify.

Sergio Nicolas R Rodriguez, popularly known as Sergionicr, hopes to one day live in London or New York.

For more information about Sergionicr and his exploits, visit http://www.sergionicr.com/ and Instagram.

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