Popular author K’Anne Meinel has announced the release of her first book titled ‘Sayyida’, written for the LGBT community in Kindleworlds.

Author K’Anne Meinel launches ‘Sayyida’.  This fan-fiction story is based on the book ‘Plundered World Series!’ by Alex Westmore, the first LGBT book series in Kindleworlds!  This history-making endeavor includes over a dozen authors!

The book is a fictional version of a little-known,real, historical woman that promises to capture the heart of the reader. Author Meinel has set a benchmark by being among the first releasing Kindleworlds LGBT along with nearly a dozen other authors, which is awesome fan-fiction looselybased on the ‘Plundered World Series!’ by Alex Westmore. More books are due shortly.  Learn more about Meinel’sbook on the author’s official website and purchase your copy from Amazon.com.

Contact Details

Name: K’Anne Meinel

Phone: 715-803-3976

Email: kannemeinel@aim.com

Website: www.kannemeinel.com

Country: USA


Book 1:  The Pirate’s Booty

Book 2:  Shiver her Timbers

Book 3:  Fire in the Hole

Book 4:  Cutthroat Crusades

… with more coming soon!


Much Ado about Pirates by Falcon Storm

Sayyida by K’Anne Meinel

The House at Sea by R.J. Blain

The Time Parlay by Jill Cooper

The Girl Who Touched the Stars by M.D. Cooper

Falling for a Pirate by Meredith Bond

Shipwrecked by Kathryn Hickle

Steal, Steam & Immortality by Annathesa Nikola Darksbane

Bring Me the Horizon by Shei Darksbane

Skyblade’s Gambit by Robert Dahlen

Media Contact
Company Name: Sayyida
Contact Person: K’Anne Meinel
Email: gracewilliamss91@gmail.com
Phone: 715-803-3976
Country: United States
Website: www.kannemeinel.com