Popular Activities For Retirees Same As Those Pre-Retirement, Studies Show

USA – “Once a golfer, always a golfer” as fans of the sport tend to say, and the adage does not simply refer to a player’s everlasting mindset, but also to the lifelong engagement of staying active on the green. Age does not necessarily correlate with a decrease in physical activity, and this finding is not confined to the sport of golf, but to the broader scope of fitness.

It is indicative of the positive mindset that seniors and retirees hold towards recreational activities that they continue to practice their lifelong sports of choice, as well as engage in their favorite hobbies, unimpeded by what is largely a societal notion that senior living is associated with physical and spiritual inertia.

Residents of senior and retiree communities are a prime example of how productive life during one’s golden years can be. Many report feeling rejuvenated through their involvement in the various activities organized within their communities. Book and drama clubs; chorales; dancing, fitness and language classes; gardening and small-scale farming are only some of the popular activities that seniors and retirees are particularly drawn to.

Said Willamette Oaks A LifeMinded™ Residence’s media representative “Retirees report feeling overjoyed by the opportunity to dedicate themselves to the hobbies and sports they love, and made them feel fulfilled, throughout their lives. They thrive in a community setting, where everything they might possibly need is within reach – and that includes recreation and entertainment options.”

Asked if age is, indeed, a defining factor for seniors and retirees, when it comes to choosing which activities to participate into, Willamette Oaks A LifeMinded™ Residence’s media representative insisted that “Frankly, it appears that it has no effect whatsoever. There is a great difference between physical age and mental age – this is why they say “age is just a number”, and they are right! Those that stay young at heart have an easier time staying active, despite their years. And it is they that seem to seek out and appreciate taking part in various activities more fervently than anyone, too!”

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