Popick & Rutman, Attorneys at Law, Ensure Justice is Delivered with Compassion for Personal Injury Claims

Flushing, New York, September 30, 2016 – There is always an accident waiting to happen. Personal injuries however should not be seen as the handiwork of fate or mere eventualities that could not be prevented. Claims and monetary compensation can always be claimed in case someone else was responsible for the event. POPICK & RUTMAN are Attorneys at Law with a record of successfully representing thousands of personal injury cases in Queens and throughout New York.

POPICK & RUTMAN ensure that their experience produces results. The law firm handles a wide range of accident cases related to construction, slip and fall, premises, motor vehicles, nursing homes, product liabilities, medical practices, and so on. Any client can start with a free, no-obligation consultation to receive a straightforward, honest opinion, even at off-hours. The firm charges fees only in the case of a successful recovery.

A typical case can often be resolved within six months, while cases with court lawsuits may take a year or two to resolve. Some of the precautions that clients can take to ensure a successful and speedy recovery is to document injuries, seek medical attention, take photographs, and track how daily activities are affected due to injuries. According to POPICK & RUTMAN, the greater the amount of evidence related to injuries, the more likely is the success of a settlement with compensation.

At POPICK & RUTMAN, every attorney carries over 30 years of experience dealing with cases of personal injury. The firm has helped recover millions of dollars for its clients while aggressively defending their rights. Their experience and know-how along with personalized attention to each case ensures justice is delivered with compassion.

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