Polaris Teen Center: Home of the Best Adolescent Psychiatrist in Tarzana and Encino, CA

Adolescent psychiatrists in Polaris Teen center specializes in the care of all major mental health disorders which affect kids, teens, adolescents as well as young adults. The adolescent and child mental health team at Polaris Teen Center is considered amongst the best and most comprehensive in the country.

Childhood and adolescence years are times of surprising and extraordinary emotional, physical as well as intellectual development. Mental and emotional challenges and adjustments are a vital and typical part of childhood. However, sometimes, psychological wellbeing problems can be overwhelming and might interfere with the development and daily functioning of a kid. Over three-quarters of adolescents with a mental disorder first experienced signs before the age of twenty-five. Early assessment, diagnosis, and care can have a remarkable impact on enhancing the result of kid’s mental health disorders.

Dr. Carol Kiriakos has been working as a private adolescent’s psychiatrist for many years now, doing both medication management and therapy covering an extensive array of diagnosis. She is an expert in addiction, PTSD, bipolar disorder, depression, panic disorder, generalized anxiety, eating disorders and many others. She did her training in the UCLA program where she also served as chief residents her senior year.

Dr. Ramzi Kirakos is a renowned and a board-certified adolescent psychiatrist. He has more than 30 years of experience in treating patients with depression. He also taught psychiatric residents at UCLA about mental conditions and their treatment.

Polaris Teen Center clinicians offer advance proof-based treatments for a comprehensive array of adolescent and childhood psychiatric issues and needs such as learning disorders, eating disorders, mood disorders like bipolar disorder and depression and OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Dr. Carol Kiriakos and Dr. Ramzi Kirakos are the leading authorities in various kinds of treatment, which include exposure therapy, psychopharmacology, and cognitive behavior therapy.

Competent and compassionate patient care is the utmost concern at Polaris Teen Center. They provide information, support groups, resources and education to families, patients as well as caregivers. They know that community and family support makes for stronger patient care. Families and patients benefit from the fantastic partnership with other service providers. This partnership brings the greatest of innovative clinical study, scientific advances, education, as well as clinical care.

About Polaris Teen Center

Polaris Teen Center is the leading treatment center for adolescents. This center was established by a team of mental health experts who aim is to help teens and their loved ones deal with depression.

For more information about Polaris Teen Center, please visit their website at https://polaristeen.com/ or call customer hotline number at (844) 836-0222. 

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