Poems By A Dog Announces Poetry Project To Bring Wholesome Content To Pet Lovers

Poems By A Dog is a new type of social media account that is trying to share inspiring and wholesome content for pet lovers. What makes these poems unique is that they are written from the perspective of a dog.

The poems are short, precise, and always carry a familiar theme or message that every dog owner will recognize. Some poems are witty, others are silly and funny, but others touch on the true essence of why dogs are man’s best friend.

Poems By A Dog was started on May 20th, 2019 by Mauro Carignano and has already gained over 1,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter, with some Instagram entries attracting more than two thousand likes.

To read these poems, please visit http://www.twitter.com/poemsbyadog

The purpose of Poems By A Dog is to help dog lovers appreciate their furry friend, from a unique perspective. They also want to remind everyone that, while dogs may be animals they have a side of them that is almost human and can be truly appreciated if articulated correctly.

Reading from the comments, it’s clear that readers appreciate the poems because it reminds them of their own dog. Every poem entry has been prepared to create a positive feeling, tell stories, and ignite good memories.

Poems By A Dog hopes that when they get a large enough following, they will be able to bring in a charitable campaign that benefits shelters. There are many dogs out there that need help but it takes deliberate action to make a change.

For more information, please contact poemsbyadog@gmail.com, or follow them on social media at http://www.instagram.com/poemsbyadog and http://www.twitter.com/poemsbyadog.

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