PlayMobo Introduces new business page to help game developers promote their projects across the world

Utilizes promotional avenues including experienced game reviewers and social media platforms

China – PlayMobo, one of the world’s most reliable platform for everything mobile games would like to introduce their new business page. The page aims to help developers promote their mobile games so that game lovers and players all over the world can know about it. PlayMobo will be using their promotional avenues including experienced gamers reviews, social media accounts, press releases, forum promotions, and banners. Mobile and browser game developers are invited to present their projects for maximum exposure to the world, using a highly efficient mobile games promotional machine.

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“PlayMobo is a creating a huge opportunity for game developers to present their mobile games to our fan base. We know there are games out there that are destined to be superstars but don’t have access to the right promotional avenues. We are in partnership YouTube game reviewers, social media pages and other platforms where we can help promote your project beyond your imagination. Our system works and is very effective in helping developers become successful with their mobile games,” said Yuki Wang, a representative of PlayMobo Inc.

PlayMobo offer a unique medium that help developers promote their games. PlayMobo partners with mobile games, browser games, and app tools to promote their games in different markets around the world, including Europe, Southeast Asia, and North America.

The company makes use of different avenues by inviting experienced gamers to review the game and present it to their own legion of fans. This creates exposure and allows more users to have firsthand experience with the game. They also make use of their official partners who will promote the game through their YouTube and Twitter channels. PlayMobo will also utilize their own social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get more people to know about the game and play it. They also make use of banners, official website, SNS accounts, forum promotions, and backlinks.

About PlayMobo

PlayMobo is a mobile gaming and advertising company providing content for mobile gamers and users. The company has a team of professional gaming experts who comb the entire internet to look for games and recommend only the very best.

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Company Name: PlayMobo Inc.
Contact Person: Yuki Wang
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