Plastic Surgeon Sean Doherty, MD Highlights Safest Approach to Facial Fillers

The board-certified plastic surgeon and Allergan specialist uses these safety techniques to ensure clients get the best – and safest – results possible.

Boston-based plastic surgeon Sean Doherty, MD, has been training medical professionals on safe and effective injectable techniques for over five years. Now Dr. Doherty is using his knowledge to introduce a safer approach to facial fillers, which can minimize any potential for adverse results.

Dr. Doherty was inspired to introduce these safety procedures to his Boston and Concord, MA practices after attending ASAPS 2016 in Las Vegas, where a panel of plastic surgeons discussed safety in filler injections. ASAPS is the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Doherty is a member of ASAPS.

“While facial fillers are often seen as ‘no big deal,’ the truth is that plastic surgeons need to treat filler injections with the same care and expertise as any procedure,” says Dr. Doherty.

“Injections require a precise knowledge of both muscular and vascular anatomy, so it’s important for clients to seek out facial fillers from experienced plastic surgeons,” he adds.

Facial fillers are the second most popular non-surgical treatment performed in the United States today; according to ASAPS, over 2.1 million procedures were performed by plastic surgeons. While adverse reactions are rare, Dr. Doherty points out it’s vital for medical professionals to notice the most alarming symptoms, including:

• Onset of pain
• Increased bruising
• Mottling (turning blue) of the skin
• Blistering
• Difficulty with vision

Patients who experience these symptoms need to be seen immediately and injected with hyaluronidase, the antidote to the hyaluronic acid present in Juvederm and other fillers.

“I recommend that all patients meet with a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in injections,” Dr. Doherty points out. “Ask if they’re trainers for the manufacturer’s, like Allergan. Ask if they’re experienced, or if they have any concerns about the injection they’re about to do.”

Dr. Doherty has two plastic surgery practices, both of which are located in the greater metro Boston area. His original practice is located in Concord, MA, and his newest location can be found on Newbury Street in Boston.

Patients can learn more about Dr. Doherty in the greater Boston, MA area or request more information at

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Sean Doherty, MD, is located in Boston and Concord, Massachusetts. Dr. Sean Doherty offers his patients the finest in plastic surgery techniques, whether they are seeking a subtle change in appearance or a complete transformation.

His practice focuses on providing our patients with exceptional care with safe and superior plastic surgery outcomes. Dr. Doherty feels that the best way to achieve beautiful and natural looking results is to incorporate safe and technical skill with meticulous attention to aesthetic detail. By taking this approach to plastic surgery, Dr. Doherty has the privilege of helping numerous patients attain their plastic surgery goals.

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