Plastic Building Products Unveils Cleanclad Hygienic Wall Cladding

Plastic Building Products is among the leading providers of plastic building products, as also UK’s premier supplier of high quality plastic building products, the company maintains a customer focused outlook of doing business. From its start, they have has focusing on delivering innovation and quality, their untiring commitment to their focus has led the company to become one of the leaders in their respective industry. The company recently unveiled their complete range of products including hygienic wall cladding on their website with an impressive capacity to dispatch to most areas of the UK on a next day basis.

The benefits of the using Hygienic wall cladding outweigh the benefits of using the alternative, because of its versatility and affordability for all hygienic and wet areas. The PVC wall cladding system is a viable alternative to traditional stainless steel methods. Architects and consultants specify the hygienic wall cladding system in over 80% of new and refurbishment projects. Commanded by their never-ending appetite for delivering exceptional quality products and services, the company spokesperson said: “Our Cleanclad hygienic wall cladding is a far more cost effective and economical alternative to other existing systems. This system can be bonded to most surfaces using our two part adhesive, and sheets are joined using various profiles and trims. PVC wall cladding can be installed using PVC welding rod as an alternative to profiles and trims.” The range of products has been created to cater to the needs of contemporary builders and architects’ needs.

The company offers some of the most affordable Cleanclad hygienic wall cladding in the UK, considering that their range of products is only made up of the best, high spec materials. The company assures it clients of guarantee next day delivery. The company can fulfill the needs of clients with larger and smaller needs. All the products comply with global standards of quality and have attained various certifications as proof of their commitment towards excellence. The company has large UK customer base with clients in every part of the region; they have served large international organizations and brands with their products.

A team of highly experienced and educated staff at Plastic Building Products has been formally trained to help each client hire exactly the right equipment for the job.


Plastic Building Products is a plastic build materials producer based in the UK.

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