Planet Moppet Develops an Educational and Entertainment App Market Place for Kids

Planet Moppet provides a solution to ensure that the brain development of a child should be the greatest priority, not the temporal enjoyment from the media and apps.

Planet Moppet announced today that it is raising funds via a rewards crowd funding on to finish the development of a children’s educational and development marketplace. set out to raise $21,541 on to finish the development of the kids’ marketplace app.

The media, computer, mobile gadgets, and apps are competing for children’s attention. Today, children are spending an average of seven hours a day on entertainment.

Though kids may be kept quiet and get immersed in temporarily, the lifelong detriment is not worth the few moments of peace. For a healthy development, kids need challenging materials that will help their young brain grow.

“With my experience over the years in child development and, I have seen enough evidence on how a child’s brain development can be affected by exposure to the media, apps and technology,” says Laura Ban, C.E.O, Planet Moppet. “At Planet Mopet we want to be a critical part of the solution to this problem, helping kids learn to develop and get entertained by using technology in a unique way.”

Planet Moppet is available in both English and Russian language. The company has the vision to help millions of families, providing them with a catalogue of apps, courses, eBooks, all in one place. The company seeks support from backers who wants to help children have a well balanced growth and development.

The Planet Moppet project currently raises funds on and backers can contribute via:

About Planet Moppet

Planet Moppet is an online learning marketplace platform for raising kids. That is a source of useful information about children’s education and their development from early stages. Parents from the world all over will have access to e-books, articles, videos and several other collections of useful materials for raising a child. In medieval times and up till recently, parents consulted other more experienced parents for information about how to raise kids. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Planet Moppet Limited
Contact Person: Laura Ban
Phone: +441413539300
Country: United States