Pierre Marc Jannot Announces New Innovative Sneaker Model

Orgeval, France – Pierre Marc Jannot Paris, a groundbreaking fashion brand aiming to redefine the concept of affordable luxury, is proud to come out with its first model of sneakers, catering to both the men and women who seek a timeless yet incredibly fashionable pair of footwear.

Recognizing the gap created by other fashion brand in terms of accessibility, Pierre Marc Jannot set out to create sneakers that seamlessly combine luxury, quality and an affordable price point, which will render its creations a mainstay in every fashion-conscious individual’s wardrobe.

“We are excited to introduce the Laffitte model,” said Pierre Marc Jannot, the designer behind the brand.  “The fact that we have succeeded in fusing superior quality materials with cutting-edge design aesthetics makes us confident that sneaker enthusiasts will love the Laffitte model just as much as we do.”

The brand has launched a crowdfunding campaign, aiming to secure the appropriate amount of funds needed to sustain the sneakers’ production and secure their distribution through various channels, including numerous leading luxury retailers that have already shown interest in featuring the Laffitte sneakers as part of their choice offerings.

As of today, the venture has gained significant momentum. With only 43 days left until the campaign comes to a conclusion, the brand is thrilled with the outpouring of support it has received from backers hailing from all around the globe.

Sourcing and using only the finest calf leather, the Laffitte sneakers feature a unique, incredibly stylish design, without cutting back on comfort, producing a pair made for daily, day-to-night wear, which is sure to compliment both casual and business getups.

In addition to premium sneakers, the company is producing a line of T-shirts, remaining in line with its design principles, which are characterized by simplicity and graceful elegance.

To learn more about Pierre Marc Jannot, and keep up with product releases, visit http://pierremarcjannot.com/

About Pierre Marc Jannot Paris

Pierre Marc Jannot conceived his eponymous line after completing his studies on fashion and business at the prestigious SMC and UCLA, and honing his skills while working at legendary brands Armani and Christian Dior. Based in Paris, the Pierre Marc Jannot house focuses on delivering outstanding creations to an ever-growing, dedicated audience of fashionistas that are known for their keen eye for style.

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