Photography & Poetry is an awe-inspiring Art That Can Touch the Soul from Within.

Ever wondered why photography and poetry have such close connections? These are artistic and mind perplexing expressions that can convey a deep story or narrative without needing to be descriptive. And a poetess and photographer’s actions are always perceived in utter solitude. These phenomenal art pieces require mindful thinking and focus on pursuing them flawlessly, which can only occur in isolation from otherworldly acts. The druidic magic only happens when the essence of ecstatic photos and poems blends in the most synchronized way! Only then is a masterpiece created that gives sheer euphoric descriptions that take it to a new meaning. It goes far beyond a mere caption or an explanation; it becomes a new revelation. And a true photographer and poetess add profundity and context to the poem and photo while being open to all sorts of speculations—this widely extends to imaginative engagements and creative thinking.

 Elizabeth Weber, also known as Libby Weber, is both an amazing photographer and a phenomenal writer of poetry; because of certain life events, she somehow halted her passion for photography and writing. However, Libby firmly believes you are never too old to set a new aim and to dream a new dream. Every day is a moment that should be grasped to put all our efforts into living the dream. This inspired Libby when she wrote her book ‘From the Heart’. Libby portrays a meaningful message through her poems and photographs that she is in the winter of her life, and there’s still so much more she wishes to accomplish.  

Libby states that irrespective of all our life struggles, we all have something deep inside of us that gives us a ray of hope to seize a dream or accomplish great things that might seem impossible. She aims to inspire the readers through her poems and photography skills and motivate them to read about her journey and what she hopes to accomplish through her first book, “From The Heart”. Dreams can come true at any age if the determination is within oneself. Libby has always kept her heart young and aims to accomplish much in life and depict it to her readers through her poetry or her camera lens. So, buckle up to embark with Libby on her next journey!

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