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The “Global Phosphine Market” is segmented into electronic grade phosphine, technical grade phosphine, aluminum phosphide, magnesium phosphide, calcium phosphide and so on.

Phosphine (PH3) also called as hydrogen phosphide, a colourless, flammable, extremely toxic gas with a disagreeable garlic like odour. Phosphine is formed by the action of a strong base or hot water on white phosphorus or by the reaction of water with calcium phosphide (Ca3P2). Phosphine is structurally similar to ammonia (NH3), but phosphine is a much poorer solvent than ammonia and is much less soluble in water. Phosphine is a chemical which belongs to the group of organophosphorus compounds. Phosphine obtained by supplying heat to phosphorous in an aqueous solution of potassium carbonate. Chemical formula of this compound is PH3.

The concentration of this compound varies in the atmosphere. It plays a vital role in phosphorous biochemical cycle. PH3 is a trigonal pyramidal molecule. P-H bond length in phosphine is 1.42 A and the angle between H-P-H bonds is 93.5º. The key target audience for global phosphine market are government and research organizations, associations and industrial bodies, traders, distributors and retailers, agriculture & farming industry, phosphine manufacturers and suppliers, regulatory institutions, food safety agencies, pesticide traders/ suppliers, agricultural institutes and universities.

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The global phosphine market is segmented by types, application and geography. “Aluminum phosphide” is the fastest growing segment, as it is used as an alternative for methyl bromide fumigants and is comparatively less costly. The demand for “aluminum phosphide” is projected to increase owing to the rapidly growing agrochemical industry. North America dominated the phosphine market in 2016.

On the basis of application, the global phosphine market is segmented into microelectronics, organophosphorus chemistry, fumigant, soil, warehouses and so on. “Warehouses” segment is estimated to grow with the highest CAGR in the coming years. Warehouses are generally used to store food grains or processed food which is highly susceptible to insect infestations.

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This is one of the main reasons for the usage of phosphine fumigants, which has led to warehouse segments being one of the fastest growing segments in the phosphine market. On the basis of geography, the global phosphine market is segmented into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and Middle East & Africa.

The Europe region is one of the key markets for the phosphine market and its growth is attributed to the growth in the production of cereals and grains in the region with advancements in storage technologies in warehouses and innovations in farming technologies with higher efficiency in terms of application. Countries in this region are focusing on sustainable agriculture to meet the demand for high quality crops.

The key players of global phosphine market are CYTEC SOLVAY GROUP, Nippon Chemical Industrial, Air Products, Pentagon Chemicals, Bhagwati Chemicals, BASF Intermediates, GASCO, Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd., Rentokil Initial Plc and United Phosphorus Ltd.

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