Phone Waist Belt Makes Summer A Hand Free Experience Claims Manufacturer NewSun21

Phone Waist Belt Perfect for the Beach, In the Woods or Wherever You Spend Your Summer Says NewSun21

Summer is upon us and the warm weather and lighter evenings give us all more time to spend at leisure be it a weekend break or summer vacation or just spending time as a family. As is usual in families, the act of spending time together takes planning and preparation before, during and afterwards. Juggling the needs and requirements of spouse and children and moving them around to the beach or on a hike means that the more hands you have at your disposal will certainly lighten the load.

In a statement today by Phone Waist Pack manufacturer NewSun21, they highlighted the usefulness of a touch enabled waist pack for everyone this summer that allows you the security of carrying your phone, money and other valuables in a secure location whilst staying connected and able to respond should you receive a call. The phone pack used by runners and hikers but suitable for anyone wanting to keep their hands free when they are out and about this summer also has a headphone socket allowing you to listen to tunes from your phone without removing it from its secure location.

A spokesperson for NewSun21 explained further, “Since launching our phone waist pack at the beginning of the year we have noticed the wide variety of users that have found it useful. Runners, walkers and cyclists we expected but we found that mothers with children to manage also found it incredibly useful. Now that the summer has arrived, we think that anyone needing or wanting to keep themselves hands free whilst still protecting their phone and valuables will find that the NewSun21 phone waist pack will be a great help this summer. Hikers, and campers or just beach goers are able to stay secure and have access to their phone through its touch enabled panel. The headphone jack also means to can keep the sand away from the phone and listen to tunes while you soak up the sun. What could be better!”

The NewSun21 Phone Waist Pack for Sports, Recreational and Travel will accommodate phones with a width of up to and including 5.5 inches which includes the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the iPhone 5 and 5S, the iPhone 4 and 4S, the Samsung Galaxy S6, S5, S4, S3, Moto X and any other phone that fits within the 5.5 inch width parameters. The highly adjustable waistband strap has been designed to fit waist sizes from 24.5 inched to 43 inches and is made of water and sweat proof material with integrated reflective strip for visibility.

The NewSun21 Phone Waist Pack is available for sale exclusively on Amazon USA and for a limited period of time during its launch phase it may be purchased at a discount to its usual RRP, (Recommended retail price).


NewSun21 is a brand of fgmediagroup, manufacturers and distributor of the NewSun21 Phone Waist Pack for Running, Walking and Travel Recreation. It is fulfilled by Amazon.

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