Phoenix Community Capital Launches New Community-Driven NFT Collection

The Birds of Paradise NFT collection was created to further develop the brand that aims to represent the values of the community with unique artworks

New York, NY – Phoenix Community Capital is delighted to announce the launch of its new community-driven NFT collection, named Birds of Paradise. Dressed in a variety of exciting colors, the Birds of Paradise NFT is a collection of 10,000 unique explorers, designed with varying attributes and sizes.

According to Phoenix Community Capital, holders of the new NFTs will receive airdrops of native tokens as the value of the NFT collection goes up. 

In addition to unveiling more NFT collections, Phoenix Community Capital has hinted that it is currently developing an NFT marketplace as well as a full suite decentralized finance exchange.

“The Birds of Paradise NFT collection is a prelude to many more DeFi-based projects to come. Holding a Phoenix NFT grants you access to our decentralized community, where you can join in the decision-making and dictate the nature and course of future projects.”

Described as the world’s first pre-deployment CertiK-audited entity with a fully doxxed leadership team, Phoenix Community Capital insists that its mission is to provide a solid framework for all community members to benefit from participating in a select range of DeFi investments, traditional crypto investments, liquidity pools, project incubators, and real-world asset investments including a balanced range of risk/reward profiles. 

Through its proprietary $FIRE Tokens, PCC aims to help members of its community earn passive income by staking their NFTs and tokens for future rewards. Other benefits for community members include lowered risk, lower fees, less hassle, and less homework.

Tokenomics Of The $FIRE Tokens 

Operated on the Avalanche (AVAX) Network, the $FIRE Tokens has a total supply of 1 million tokens and is designed around an investment position called a Nest. Using these nests, community members can generate $FIRE Token rewards which in turn reinforces the sustainable growth of the tokens – making the holders double beneficiaries.

Once a Nest is created as a result of the purchase or claim of 10 $FIRE Tokens, 7 $FIRE tokens will be transferred to the community member Nest reward pool, 1 $FIRE token will get added to the liquidity pool, while the remaining 2 $FIRE tokens will be transferred to the community investment treasury wallet.


Holders of the $FIRE Tokens will have to pay a maintenance fee of 0.2 $AVAX per Nest per 90-day period, which can be paid to cover up to 180 days. A 0.05 $AVAX fee per Nest has also been fixed to apply each time Nest owners claim rewards.


As community-driven projects, the NFT collection and $FIRE Tokens possess staking features that will allow community members to earn passive income without selling off their assets. Investors who stake their Birds of Paradise NFTs will also earn profits in extra native tokens, and enjoy certain privileges that include being whitelisted on all upcoming projects, as well as special access to exclusive contests and giveaways within the community.

Anyone interested in learning more about this community-driven project can reach out to Phoenix Community Capital or Birds of Paradise NFT for more information below.

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