Phoenix Audio & PTZOptics schedule special Zoom Video Conferencing display for the 2016 InfoComm Show

““The PTZOptics 2016 InfoComm live stream will be unlike anything the industry has ever seen” says Paul Richards.”
PTZOptics will be demonstrating the new beam-forming microphone array from Phoenix Audio Technologies called the Condor. Phoenix Audio will be demonstrating the new PTZOptics 12X-USB pan, tilt, zoom camera optimized for Zoom Video Conferencing.

IRVINE, CA – Phoenix Audio Technologies and PTZOptics, are pleased to announce they will be collaborating with Zoom Video Conferencing at the 2016 InfoComm Technology show to demonstrate their affordable cloud video conferencing products. Phoenix Audio Technologies, who is best known for their USB, VoIP and SIP audio conferencing solutions, will be demonstrating the PTZOptics 12X-USB conference camera at Booth N2447. PTZOptics, who is best known for USB, HDMI and HD-SDI live streaming cameras, will be demonstrating the Phoenix Audio Condor during their exciting YouTube live stream which will include a Zoom Video Conference call. Together all three companies are coming together to provide best in the industry solutions for a common goal: making video conferencing and live streaming more affordable and easier to use.

“The Condor was designed with collaboration tools in mind – specifically, whiteboard solutions. It is situated right next to the system’s monitor and allows audio pickup from close proximity, as well as full coverage of the entire room. As such, the Condor is the perfect audio endpoint fro Zoom,” says Joseph Marash, Phoenix Audio CEO. “The Condor complements the Zoom collaboration system to provide a sleek, clutter free, high quality, and easy to install solution.”

PTZOptics has recently announced pan, tilt and zoom control support directly in the Zoom Video Conferencing platform. “With the Phoenix Audio Condor our customers can enjoy a high quality video conferencing experience that works great for Zoom and any cloud based video conferencing software..” says Paul Richards, Director of Business Development for PTZOptics.  

“The PTZOptics 2016 InfoComm live stream will be unlike anything the industry has ever seen” says Paul Richards. “We are teaming up industry leaders such as TeleStream and NewTek to show our camera integration with our customers most trusted live streaming tools. We are planning to demonstrate the NewTek NDI using a local area network, provided by InfoComm to connect the PTZOptics booth in North Hall to the NewTek booth in Central Hall. We will be able to show low-latency IP video workflow which widely accepted as the future of the broadcast industry.” The live stream will be available 12PM-5PM PST June 8th, 9th and 10th.

More on the Condor

The Condor is a 48-inch wide multi-microphone array with a pickup range of up to 30 feet. It includes a built-in SIP phone, which can be controlled using a dedicated application that runs on smart devices. The Condor deploys multiple directional audio beams, covering an entire room. An additional short range beam picks up audio from presenters standing close to the array. The Condor can easily connect to any video conferencing system, and use any type of speakers, including external soundbars or your monitor’s internal speakers. It is DSP-based with a full suite of algorithms that operate on each of the beams, including echo and noise cancellation. Watch this video for a brief explanation of a Condor setup, and experience an audio demonstration.

More on PTZOptics Cameras

PTZOptics USB video conferencing cameras combine high quality optics from Olympus and Tamron with best in class Panasonic CMOS video sensors to create a affordable and powerful camera package. Every camera offers HDMI and IP Streaming along with the option for USB 3.0 or HD-SDI making the cameras fully feature packed. PTZOptics offers free live streams every Friday to demonstrate how live streaming and video conferencing industry can help promote sales, marketing and communication in virtually any vertical.


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