Philanthropists Businessmen Fahad Al Sufayeh & Omid Rahravani Have Donated Their Resources to The Human Health Education & Research Foundation (HHERF) based in London Joining International Doctors

Fahad Al Sufayeh & Omid Rahravani have always had an important principle believing strongly in giving back to society, donating to charities & non-profit organizations to help and support important causes around world. They have always been advocates of charity work playing strategic important roles in philanthropy. In August 2022 they both joined the leadership team at the London based Human Health Education and Research Foundation (HHERF) which is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization bringing health and awareness to the top of global agendas in an equitable and holistic approach designed to work with international doctors and scientists to learn from past mistakes and to prepare ahead of time for future challenges.

Their visionis to become the global voice of human health to empower generations, to create resilience, build a healthier future and build a World Integrated Sustainable Health Eco-System (WISHES) by bringing multi-sectoral minds together to achieve Universal Health Coverage. They believe many people do not have access to quality healthcare and face significantly poorer health, the Human Health Education and Research Foundation will provide education on prevention which will encourage an environment of peace, justice, stability, and opportunity. Their Vision and Mission is built on their belief that every human being has the right to good health and wellbeing. 

Fahad Al Sufayeh has been assigned as the Chief Technology Officer and his partner Omid Rahravani as the Chief Public Relations Officer. They will contribute their resources working alongside with the following team of global leaders. 

Dr Srjgan Kerim is the President of the 62nd session of the United Nations General Assembly and member of the Council of the Presidents of the United Nations General Assembly. 

Laila Al Jassmi founder & CEO of Health Beyond Borders in Dubai, a bespoke Dubai-based health care advisory firm focused on Healthcare Strategy and Research, Health Investment Facilitation, Healthcare Marketing, and Business Development in UAE, Medical Tourism Consulting, and advising. 

Mike Meyer is an entrepreneur, author, health care expert, founder, and host of the CCX Cancer Summit held each year in New York City and the President of Meyer Consulting. Most recently he co-authored an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal titled Medical Lockdown will Cause A Disease Surge. 

Mohamed H. Sayegh s the Special Advisor to the President for Medicine and Health at the American University of Beirut (AUB). He also serves as the Senior Advisor on Research in the Middle East and North Africa at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) / National Institutes of Health (NIH) 

Dr. Ossama Salamah is Board Member and Chief Executive Officer of the Human Health Education and Research Foundation. Over two decades, he has been recognized as one of few international health leaders who bring vast experience from various sectors including and not limited to public health, quality, accreditation, pharma and medical devices, and business development. 

Fahad Al Sufayeh & Omid Rahravani are self-made multi-millionaire’s founders of the Fahad & Omid General Trading Company based in Kuwait and are major shareholders of Los Angeles-based private equity MetaMedia Capital Inc which is a leader in the digital media and entertainment field by providing expansion capital and buyout funding for businesses in growth sectors including Technology & Internet, Media & Entertainment. 

Fahad Al Sufayeh & Omid Rahravani are also known in the business world for having a passion for investing in startups, especially at seed and growth stages. They are recognized and trusted by International enterprises around the world and have been repeatedly featured in many international media outlets for brokering close to one billion dollars worth of technology contracts over the years and having a rumored estimated combined net worth valuation anywhere around 900 million dollars to 1 billion dollars . It is believed that most of their fortune was generated from the stock market and cryptocurrency. Fahad Al Sufayeh is also related directly to the Crown Prince of Kuwait, Fahad Al Sufayeh is also the brother-in-law to a prominent Governor holding the ranking of Minister and is a Member of the Kuwait Royal Family. 

Fahad Al Sufayeh & Omid Rahravani together with the team at the Human Health Education and Research Foundation will complement the activity and research of the WHO and UN with a communication network and practical implementation on the ground. The HHERF believes in connection and collaboration, they are convinced that It is time to challenge outdated narratives and break down stereotypes, to stop thinking in silos and work together to create a more resilient and inclusive post Covid world , therefore they launched this global movement, building a team of experts from multiple countries and sectors to build a fair, inclusive health system that leaves no one behind, a principle they have named “WISHES“ which is stands for World Integrated Sustainable Health Eco-System. The HHERF is aggressively aiming to become the global voice of Human Health to empower generations to create resilience and build a healthier (WISHES) by bringing multi-sectoral minds together to future. “WISHES“ will be the world’s most collaborative health community of diversified experts working together to enhance the excellence of global health for the public benefit. 

The diversity of this high-quality community is reflected in its range of professional expertise, sector representation and geography. It includes experts, scientists, clinicians, and political leaders from five continents. The collaborative nature of the community is intuitive as each member is personally committed to sharing experience, insights, research and expertise in the cause of advancing human knowledge towards a healthier future. 

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