PFAS-free PPA: Making PE pipe processing more efficient and environmentally friendly

PE pipe, or polyethylene pipe, is a type of pipe that is molded by extrusion using polyethylene as the main raw material. It can be defined in terms of its material properties and application areas. Polyethylene is a thermoplastic with good chemical and environmental stress cracking resistance, which allows PE pipe to maintain stable performance in a wide range of environments.

PE pipes are widely used in a number of applications. They are commonly used in building water supply and drainage systems, buried drains, building heating and gas distribution, electrical and telecommunication protective casing, industrial pipes and agricultural pipes. In addition, PE pipes are also used in city water supply, city gas supply and farmland irrigation. In terms of sewage pipes, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes are gradually replacing traditional pipes such as steel pipes and cement pipes due to their abrasion-resistant, acid- and corrosion-resistant, high-temperature-resistant and high-pressure-resistant features.

The advantages of PE pipe include:

1. excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for a variety of chemical media transportation.

2. good hygiene performance, suitable for the transportation of drinking water.

3. good flexibility, outstanding low temperature resistance, can be used at -70 ℃.

4. good fast crack growth fracture toughness, improve the safety of piping system.

5. light weight, easy to install and move, high construction efficiency.

6. Significant economic benefits, long service life, generally up to 50 years or more.

PE pipes are favored for their unique properties and wide range of applications, but they also require attention to a number of technical and environmental factors during processing and application to ensure optimal use. In order to improve the processing and surface properties of PE pipes, many manufacturers add PPA processing aids during processing. However, due to the fluorine ban, finding fluorinated polymer PPA processing aids is a very urgent challenge.

SILIKE SILIMER series PFAS-free PPA processing aids are fluorine-free additives used to improve the processing properties of polymers. In the production of PE pipes, SILIKE SILIMER series PFAS-free PPA processing aids can significantly improve processing efficiency and product quality. Below are some advantages of SILIKE SILIMER series PFAS-free PPA processing aids in PE pipe applications:

1. Improvement of processing performance: SILIKE PFAS-free PPA processing aids SILIMER9200 can effectively improve the extrusion rate and quality of PE pipe, improve the problem of material accumulation at the die mouth, reduce the phenomenon of melt rupture, so as to improve production efficiency.

2. Improvement of surface quality: through the use of non-fluorinated PPA processing aids, the surface finish of PE pipe is improved, reducing surface defects and improving the appearance of the product quality.

3. eco-friendly: because SILIKE SILIMER series PFAS-free PPA processing aids do not contain harmful components such as PFAS (perfluoroalkyl sulfonate), they have less impact on the environment, in line with the current requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development.

4. Low additives: SILIKE PFAS-free PPA processing aids SILIMER9200 are usually used at low additives (e.g., 300-1000 ppm), which means that the processing performance and product quality can be significantly improved without a significant increase in cost.

5. Increase production: In the production of PE pipe, the addition of SILIKE PFAS-free PPA processing aids SILIMER9200 can increase production, reduce downtime, extend the equipment cleaning cycle, thereby reducing production costs and improving economic efficiency.

6. Wide scope of application: SILIKE SILIMER series PFAS-free PPA processing aids are not only suitable for PE pipes, but also can be used in the production of other polyolefin polymers, such as LLDPE, HDPE, etc., with good versatility.

7. Safety: SILIKE SILIMER series PFAS-free PPA processing aids do not contain fluorine, so they are safer in food safety and contact applications, and meet the FDA and other relevant regulations and standards.

In summary, SILIKE SILIMER series PFAS-free PPA processing aids are added to optimize PE pipe processing, improve product quality, ensure production efficiency and safety, and meet environmental and food safety requirements. Although the use of SILIKE SILIMER series PFAS-free PPA requires precise control of dosage and dispersion, the comprehensive benefits it brings make it an important additive in the processing of PE pipe, if you are looking for a high-quality fluorinated polymer PPA processing aids alternatives, you are welcome to learn about SILIKE SILIMER series PFAS-free PPA.

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