Pet-Friendly Rehab Programs Help In Long-Term Treatment Of Addiction

Having a strong support system throughout your recovery is essential to working toward long-term sobriety. You will forge new relationships with other people in drug addiction recovery as well as with yourself but sometimes you might feel like you just want to see your friends and family. While you can’t bring your friends and family with you, at The Discovery House you can bring your furry friends to help aid in your recovery process.

Since family members or friends may not know how to navigate the relationship that has been damaged as a result of addiction, it is very easy to feel lonely as you begin your recovery journey. Having a pet as a companion through your recovery can maintain a channel of unconditional love and acceptance. Whether you are a cat person or a dog person, having a close bond with your pet can help you feel more comfortable during your stay at The Discovery House residential rehabilitation center.

“Our counselors recognize the important role that a pet can play in someone’s recovery from drug or alcohol addiction,” states McKay Whiting, co-founder of The Discovery House. “Stress and addiction affect the brain in similar ways, so battling one generally means battling the other.”

“The stresses of life can trigger cravings or a relapse, so it’s vital to keep calm,” adds Whiting. “Getting close to a pet is a great way to combat stress. Our clients are encouraged to bring their pet with them since the pet responsibilities can help give an addict the focus they need to treat their addiction.”

The Discovery House is a drug and alcohol treatment center located in Southern California.They provide their residents with a specialized treatment plan designed to meet their individual needs, choices and concerns. Their mission is to help people who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction learn to live a substance-free life of balance, purpose, and belonging.

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