PerFIcT Social Fitness App All Set To Launch A Fundraising Campaign On Indiegogo

PerFIcT social fitness app launches campaign on Indiegogo to finance their project.

PerFIcT app has announced a campaign on Indiegogo to help raise funds for launch of their social fitness platform that can help fitness enthusiasts achieve their health and fitness goals. The fitness app has been specifically designed to help everyone find a fitness program that meets their needs.

“We have started out Indiegogo campaign for our innovative PerFIcT social fitness app to raise funds to develop the app and present it to the world,” says the spokesperson for the app developer. “The app is easy to use as anyone can search our program database and find one that meets their fitness needs perfectly. The app can be a wonderful motivator and fitness assistant as you can work out and compete with friends to reach your fitness goals.”

The fitness app has a huge database with thousands of fitness programs that have been carefully developed by hundreds of certified personal trainers. Every program is different and will be available in the PerFIcT app complete with pictures, videos and descriptions to make learning easy and simple.

PerFIcT social fitness app comes with a built-in social section that allow users to work out and even compete with friends to get that motivation that fitness lovers need so badly all the time. The social update feature on the app can be used for creating profiles and catch up with activities of friends in a news feed. Users can update their progress and the programs they are using and share with friends.

The key features of the PerFIcT app include the 1-on-1 training, social media, workout journal, program database, progression chart, workout library and messaging. Users can also make use of the swipe through workout to move to the next step. The entire exercise can be dedicated to the user’s phone for viewing photos, videos and timer. Every set and rep can be recorded from the same screen for added convenience. The programs are devised to help deliver best results.

According to the developers, users can have three choices while working on the app. They can choose the free workout by downloading the app for free or use the premium version by purchasing one of the numerous fitness programs loaded on the app. For fitness enthusiasts needing extra guidance, the work with trainer option is ideal. They can pick any trainer listed on the app and make them their personal trainer to receive personalized workouts on the phone.

The PerFIcT social fitness app Indiegogo campaign has a flexible goal of $20,000. They hope to hit the target by offering several perks to investors based on their level of investment in the project. $5 investment provides the chance to be a Beta tester while $100 investment offers a lifetime membership.

About PerFIcT Social Fitness App:

The PerFIcT Social Fitness App has been designed to allow fitness enthusiasts choose a workout program from a database of hundreds of personal trainers, each one certified by an accredited institution. Any type of range users including professional athletes, or first timers can find a program suited for their needs in the app. A social update feature allows users to share work out and scores with family and friends.

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