Penned By Montana Lattin, ‘Faith and Drama’ Receives Phenomenal Response

Montana Lattin has come up with a phenomenal book called ‘Faith and Drama’ which contains twenty-seven short plays and seven dramatic readings. These were formerly written and performed as part of a Christian theatre ministry in the Middle East.

Istanbul, Turkey – April 24, 2018 – Faith and Drama: Plays and Readings from a Biblical Perspective has been released by Montana Lattin, who before moving to Istanbul spent twenty years in New York City working in professional theatre as an actor, writer, and director. Her years of experience in theater have enabled her to write meaningful dramas, which when performed go straight to the heart of the audience.

Faith and Drama contains twenty-seven short plays and seven dramatic readings, which originally were written and performed as a part of a Christian theatre ministry in the Middle East. Every piece is based on Scripture and has been written to have the impact of a mini-sermon. The goal is to entertain but more importantly to teach, encourage, and change behavior.

This book is timely and useful because drama can be used in a variety of venues from church to summer camps, conferences, and special events. It is storytelling that is entertaining and intelligent appealing to both the heart and mind.  

The author of the book, Montana Lattin was quoted as saying, “I have observed the power of storytelling, especially  in the art of theater. I’ve seen it move people deeply and can only assume they come away changed. My favorite feedback is when people comment that what they’ve just seen was better than a sermon. I know they have found meaning in the story.”

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About Montana Lattin

Montana Lattin spent twenty years in New York City working in professional theater as an actor, writer and director. She then moved to a small village in the southeast of Turkey where she could better learn the culture and write Gospel-themed plays sensitive to that culture. A year later she moved to Istanbul and began her work as Project Coordinator of a theater ministry. She can also be contacted at

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