Peer-to-Peer Lending (P2PL): Responding to Disruption Consumer Lending Industry added ‘P2P Lending: Responding to Disruption’ latest research report to its database which says that domination of institutional investors does pose a risk to the sustainability of some P2P platforms.

P2P Lending Responding to Disruption report is a comprehensive analysis of the rise of Peer-to-Peer consumer lending and its impact upon retail banks’ borrowers. The report details the impact of P2P lenders upon banks’ deposit bases. The report shows the growth of P2P lending platforms across the globe and highlights which markets are most at risk from disruption. Readers will gain a thorough understanding of the development and evolution of P2P consumer lending over the last decade.

In addition, the report focuses on how P2P lending works and how this contributes to the platform’s competitive advantage. Lastly the report recommends improvements banks should make to their own business, in addition to highlighting their own strengths in relation to customer lending and how these can be leveraged to compete with P2P lending platforms.

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P2P platforms have grown exponentially in the last couple of years. Their superior customer experience, speed, and ultimately cost of credit have allowed P2P lending platforms to compete for banks’ customer bases directly. P2P lending platforms are not attempting to serve a previously underserved segment of the market, but lucrative creditworthy borrowers.

Alternative credit risk models are a key competitive advantage for P2P lending platforms, enabling cheaper cost of credit through more accurate default risk assessment. The more customers P2P lending platforms acquire, the more refined their credit risk models become and consequently the cheaper the cost of credit.

Reasons to Buy:

• Identify emerging consumer trends in lending and learn how to re-orientate your business accordingly.

• Understand the threat posed by P2P consumer lending platforms in your individual market.

• Learn about the strengths of P2P consumer lending platforms and how they are able to offer customers a superior experience in terms of cost and ease of access.

• Gain tactical insight into what changes can be made to banks’ operations and business strategies.

• Learn about the focus of P2P consumer lending business and how these platforms are positioning their business for the future.

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Key Findings:

• P2P lending platforms have a 400-425 basis point advantage over traditional banks in loan origination.

• Retention of customers who have used a P2P platform before is high, with 75% saying they would approach one again when seeking a loan.

• Fractional lending and alternative credit risk assessments allow platforms to reduce exposure to default and asses risk more accurately than banks.

• The domination of institutional investors does pose a risk to the sustainability of some P2P platforms.

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