PBM Introduces Innovative EC Fan to Transform Ventilation Market

Jiangsu Province – PBM Motor and Fan(suzhou) CO.,LTD, pursuing extremely compact brushless permanent magnet synchronous external rotor motor to drive various impeller types and sizes. Such as diagonal axial, backward and forward curved centrifugal, radial, single inlet and dual inlet blower, tangential, cross flow fan.

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The Main Advantages of EC Fans

  1. Motor Self Protection: Dual thermal protection(Both soft control and Physical thermal protection); Over-voltage, Over- Current Protection, Motor will cut the powr to protect the motor in special enviroment.

  1. BLDC Motor:Brushless External Rotor Motor 30% higher efficient than AC fans and having long period high efficiency.

  2. Intelligent Control: AC and DC power supply are available for entire range of fans with integrated and intelligence EC technology motor, with inside or outside mounted international standard remote control R485 communication protocol that’s suitable to be adopted in IoE(Internet of Everything), IoT(Internet of Things), smart home system, Industry 4.0 and committed to Carbon Neutrality climate change by reducing customers carbon footprints. 

  3. Special Winding Design: Low noise by sine wave 3-core brushless commutation motor


In addition to its impressive features, Centrifugal fan boasts advanced 3D Impeller design that enhances its aesthetic appeal.Its ergonomic form factor ensures low airflow resistance and low noise, making it suitable for most ventilation and refrigeration markets.

Company Goal

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“We are thrilled to introduce EC fan to the Ventilation Market,” said PBM’s Founder, Bear Xiong. “This product represents a significant milestone for our company. PBM R&D and technical support team always committed to combine interactively external motor technology, integrated electronic control circuit and aerodynamic design of fan impeller that satisfied customers’ requirements in different applications by innovative fan solutions. And we also have leading experimental equipment, instruments, and laboratory tools to ensure motor reliability and fan air performance. “

Now, hundreds worldwide ventilation, refrigeration, air purification, home appliance, companies from more than fifty countries are adopting PBM EC green-tech motorized fans in their product units and systems. PBM fans have been silently protecting our natural environment and indoor environment .Let our world be green and clean

Limited Time Promotion

To celebrate the launch EC fan, PBM is offering an exclusive limited-time promotion. Customers who purchase EC fan within the first month will receive 8% discount. This special offer demonstrates PBM’s dedication to providing the biggest discount and convenience to our customers.

For more information about EC fan and to take advantage of the limited-time promotion, please visit www.pbmmf.com.

About PBM

PBM is a China mainland EC(Electronically Commutated) brushless motor manufacturing and technology consulting company offering an extensive range of EC motors, fans and intelligent ventilation solutions for air-moving precisely and constantly with maintenance-free throughout the life cycle of products in last decades.

PBM MOTOR AND FAN(SUZHOU) CO.,LTD focus on EC fan only and protecting our world with intelligent energy efficient motor and fan solutions are our goal,  we attempt to make tomorrow a greener & healthier world.


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