Pay for Insurance offering solution to the insurance industry with its Online Payment system

Online insurance payment platform, Pay for Insurance, allowing insurance providers and brokers to collect payments easily and effectively with its unique online payment system

Pay for Insurance is an innovative online platform designed to offer a unique solution to the insurance industry by providing an online payment system that allows insurance providers, brokers, and other such stakeholders in the industry to collect insurance payments with ease.

The insurance industry is one of the most important industries in any economy, providing businesses and individuals with the needed protection to ensure activities are not brought to a halt even in the face of a disaster. However, one of the major challenges faced by stakeholders in the industry including brokers, insurance providers and the insured is the relative difficulty in making and subsequently collecting insurance payments. This is where the likes of Pay for Insurance are particularly helpful.

Pay for Insurance has powerful, PCI compliant payment infrastructure and industry standard secured connections that allow insurance businesses to collect Insurance Policy Premiums from clients easily. It gets even better with the platform as its merchant account service enables an insurance agency or provider to accept credit cards or checks easily, quickly and securely.

The benefits of Pay for Insurance cannot be overemphasized, helping operators in the insurance industry to easily integrate digital payment into their system and website. This helps to improve cash flow, convenience and save time on the side of the business as well as the client. The service also makes electronic payment easy for clients, with the acceptance of both checks and credit cards.

Pay for Insurance also comes with some level of flexibility, allowing clients to pay online, while the payments get deposited directly into the bank account of the agency, broker, or insurance provider as the case may be.

Clients of businesses as well as the businesses using the Pay for Insurance platform also receive notification emails immediately the payment is made. Some of the other benefits and features of Pay for Insurance include businesses being able to issue receipts or email a link to the customer to make payment, digitalizing the process and making it easy and more effective for businesses and clients.

Pay for Insurance has received accolades from several users such as insurance agencies, brokers, and providers. “Pay for Insurance has made taking payments for us extremely easy. Clients were always asking us to pay by Credit Card or check over the phone, and now we can,” says Dan Noltensymer of Noltensmeyer Insurance Services.

More information about Pay for Insurance can be found on the website.

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