Pay Extra Attention This Holiday Season As Drinking and Taking Drugs Become The Norm At Many Christmas Parties Nowadays

All throughout the holiday season, between family gatherings, Christmas parties, office parties and general celebrations, temptation crops up in many different shapes and forms.

Inspire Change Wellness, a highly regarded detox treatment centre dedicated to men across the area of Vancouver, wants to raise awareness of staying safe and sober during the festive season when temptations increase, the justification is there and many environments tend to encourage or tolerate dangerous behaviours more during this time of the year. Christmas and New Year’s celebrations involve throwing and attending various social gatherings with families, friends, and colleagues, and typically involve either a lot of alcohol and/or drug use. The threat grows as getting drunk at the office Christmas party or partying hard on New Years’ Eve become socially accepted stereotypes. For a person dealing with or recovering from addiction, the consequences are by far more severe with long-term implications and possibly life-threatening.

“Christmas and the holiday season should be a time of good cheer, seasonal enjoyment and kindness, sadly it is now on the verge of being simply an avalanche of excess. Binge-drinking, drunk driving, frequenting the medicines cabinet, taking that hit at the club because everyone was doing it among many others and doing that or being susceptible to it for a whole month is definitely overwhelming and can push many over the edge. We are being proactive in helping our patients prevent a horrible situation and offer them the tools they need to cope and stay safe. Our centre specializes in men because we have a deep understanding of the unique challenges they face and the holiday season is when everything points towards the fact it may be okay to indulge yourself a little because it’s a celebration or the peer pressure of being seen as a joy-killer might just be enough of a reason to make a wrongful decision. We are here to help and make sure as many people as possible enjoy a warm and risk-free Christmas,” said a key Inspire Change Wellness spokesperson.

As a person dealing with or recovering from substance abuse, the Vancouver detox centre recommends setting limits for everything and ensuring healthy alternatives are available at all times. Help and support should always be sought if a situation becomes overwhelming. The centre also advises close ones to be compassionate, mindful and understanding of what this time of the year truly means for someone going through addiction.

Happy holidays!

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