Paw Bundle Introduces First Monthly Supplement Box for Dogs

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Denver, CO – Did you know that 25% of ALL dogs will die of cancer? We want to help lower that number by introducing the FIRST monthly supplement box for dogs… Paw Bundle™.  The ingredients in our “All Natural Nutritional Supplement Cookies For Dogs” help combat against free radical cell, and environmental pollutant damage associated with cancer development! Here are just some of the ingredients in our proprietary supplement mix:

Astathanxin – an EXTREMELY powerful antioxidant which is 65 times more powerful than vitamin C and 54 times more powerful than beta-carotene. Studies in dogs have shown benefits in muscle skin, coat, eye health, and immune function.

Curcumin – The American Cancer Society claims “Curcumin interferes with cancer development, growth, and spread. Recently, curcumin has received a great deal of focus because of it’s ability to reduce tumor size and kill cancer cells.”

Exogenous Antioxidants –“In laboratory and animal studies, the presence of increased levels of exogenous antioxidants has been shown to prevent the types of free radical damage that have been associated with cancer development” –

The fact is 6,000,000 dogs get diagnosed with cancer each year! There are so many carcinogens and toxins found in pet food, it’s scary. Things like BHA, and food dyes to the FDA  compliance policy CPG Sec 675.100 stating the FDA “does not object to the diversion to animal feed of human food adulterated with rodent, roach, or bird excreta.”

Paw Bundle™ was created to help dogs combat these real issues they face every day! What’s included is an extremely powerful and all natural antioxidant blend with no meat or by-products, age based support for healthy skin and coat or hip and joint function. Also packed in the bundle is a digestive support supplement, a doggy toothbrush, and a couple non-toxic toys!

As a feel good bonus, with every Paw Bundle™ you also become a hero to dogs everywhere as we partner with rescues to support their foundations as well as donate to canine cancer research.

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