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Using Twitter Retargeting Ads to Get More Customers by Paul Ponna.

Today email is one of the best ways to turn leads into customers, but companies are also finding success using Twitter retargeting ads as another way to convert leads. If you follow the five steps below you can see if this could be a viable channel for your business as well.

1. Choosing your Audience

Since match rates can vary widely, the larger the list you can start with the better. You’ll also want to use the segmenting features of your marketing software to target your campaign and increase success.

2. Splitting into Groups

To see if your retargeted ads are successful, you’ll need to create two groups: a test group that will see these new ads, and a control group that won’t.

If you can’t split your list within your marketing software, look for the export feature. Make sure you include email addresses for the best results.

The export will give you a file you can open in Microsoft Excel. You’ll want to randomize the file by adding a new column and filling it with the formula “=rand()”. Sort by the new column to complete the randomization. Now just move to the middle of the list and cut and paste the second half to a new sheet, deleting it from the original. Save both lists into their own files and upload them back into your software, make sure you give them each a notable name so you can keep track of the groups.

3. Upload your Lists

Next you’ll want to upload the test list you plan to retarget to Twitter Tailored Audiences says Paul Ponna

4. Set up Reporting

You’ll want to monitor the success of each group so you’ll need to set up reporting. You’ll especially want to keep track of the “Lead to Customer Rate.” Twitter will also provide detailed analytics you can use to further fine tune your campaign.

Using the data you collect you can easily create a table for both groups comparing important factors like the number of opportunities and customers as well as the lead to opportunity and customer rates.

5. Choose the Content

Finally, you need to decide on the content you’ll be delivering: product awareness or bottom funnel.

Product awareness is the first stage. It introduces your product to potential customers and lets them know what it can do for them and why they need it. Consider using videos, a natural fit in the mobile first ecosystem of Twitter. You can also use blog entries with tips in your market and show how your product can help.

The next and final stage is bottom funnel content, which is everything else needed to convert your lead to a customer. Consider using reviews of your product on trusted third party review sites to show off your product in a positive light. You can also use case studies so potential customers put themselves in the shoes of others who have found success with your product.

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