Patty Shukla Releases “I Love Me” – A New Song Focusing on SEL for Children

Patty Shukla’s new song “I Love Me” focuses on social-emotional learning, teaching self-love and positivity through engaging music and visuals.

Patty Shukla, an award-winning children’s musician, introduces her new video, “I Love Me,” on her well-regarded YouTube channel, Patty Shukla Kids TV. This release adds to a growing collection of educational content around Social Emotional Learning/SEL, promoting self-love and positive affirmations among children aged 0-8. Recognized by Mom’s Choice, NAPPA, and Parenting Pick for her contributions to children’s education through music and movement, Shukla supports early learning skills in a format that engages and entertains.

Social and emotional learning (SEL) encompasses the acquisition and implementation of a collection of competencies, attitudes, conduct, and principles pertaining to the social, emotional, and interconnected realms, which serve to guide students. This encompasses their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in a manner that facilitates their academic achievement.

The song “I Love Me” encourages children to embrace their uniqueness and reinforces the message that they are valuable, capable, and loved. Shukla combines engaging lyrics with compelling visuals to communicate the significance of self-esteem and independence from a young age. This approach aligns with her longstanding commitment to creating content that supports children’s mental and emotional well-being.

Since beginning her musical career in 2009, inspired by a personal desire to enhance her own child’s learning through music, Shukla has established a broad platform that spans YouTube, The Roku Channel, Amazon, Spotify, DirecTV, and her website, With a portfolio of over 400 music videos and songs, she has become a reliable resource for parents, teachers, and children worldwide.

The introduction of “I Love Me” coincides with Shukla’s adaptation to the preferences of today’s young learners, who often gravitate towards shorter, more engaging content. Her foray into YouTube Shorts is a strategic response to these preferences, allowing her to connect with a broader audience and continue delivering her educational messages effectively. This adaptability demonstrates her commitment to meeting the needs of her audience, regardless of the changing digital landscape.

Shukla’s influence extends beyond her online presence, with live performances and engagements that reach children across the United States, including those with special needs. Her efforts to produce content in Spanish further showcase her dedication to inclusivity, ensuring that her educational messages are accessible to children from various backgrounds.

As Shukla looks forward to the launch of her children’s television series “Music Time with Miss Patty,” she remains focused on her mission to provide quality educational content. “I Love Me” is the latest example of her dedication to fostering a positive and supportive learning environment for children.

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Patty Shukla Kids TV is a leading educational content provider for children aged 0-8, hosted on various digital platforms. Founded by Patty Shukla, an award-winning children’s musician, the channel offers songs and videos that combine learning with fun, supporting early childhood education through music and movement.

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