Patrick Saada’s involvement in diamond industry expanded in 2017 with online jewelry brand

Patrick Saada has already made a name for himself as a premier expert in diamond trading as well as mining and manufacturing, having founded Infinite Diam a little less than 5 years ago, in 2013. But 2017 was also another breakthrough year for the diamond expert, having launched the Galith jewelry brand with his daughter.

ISRAEL – 30 Apr, 2018 – Many diamond firms are engaged in mining, whilst there are those which are engaged in trading and manufacturing. It’s rare to see firms which are engaged in all three aspects of the diamond industry: mining, trading, and manufacturing. But Patrick Saada is one individual who has managed to combine these three aspects in one single company by forming Infinite Diam almost 5 years ago. As Infinite Diam itself explains, “Infinite Diam – founded in 2013 and headquartered in the hub of Israel’s International Diamond Exchange has the unique combination of expertise in mining, rough diamond trading, manufacturing, and jewelry.”

In 2017, Patrick Saada added to his list of achievements in the diamond industry by becoming involved in and actively launching a diamond jewelry company, Galith. When it comes to the making of jewelry, Patrick Saada confirms that he is also a professional in all respects. Galith was launched in 2017 as a source of expertly-crafted and unique pieces of diamond jewelry, from rings to earrings to bracelets to engagement rings and more.

2017 was indeed a significant year for Patrick Saada and Infinite Diam, as Mr. Saada and his family-run firm took a further definite step into the design and creation of beautiful diamond jewelry. Galith, which is under the helm of Patrick Saada’s daughter, Galith (same name as the diamond jewelry brand), specializes in infinitely beautiful pieces of jewelry which are designed with perfect aesthetics in mind. Patrick Saada is proud of Galith and its unique pieces, especially when it comes to its collection of engagement rings, which can also be designed according to the customers’ precise specifications and preferences. As Galith explains, “Every engagement ring is custom made to your specifications. Select from an elegant setting from our collection and we will hand pick the perfect center diamond for your desires.”

In order to create a real customised design, customers need only pick their preferred budget and their preferred carat weight and include an optional image of the ring if they want. Then they can simply fill in a form with their name, phone number, email address, country, and other specifications, and submit the form on the Galith website.

About the company:

Patrick Saada is a well-respected diamond expert who has dealt with diamond mining, trading, manufacturing, and production for years.

For more information on Patrick Saada and his professional work and expertise, visit his website.

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