Patrick Saada confirms important connection with jewelry shop and brand Galith

Patrick Saada is a well-known connoisseur and entrepreneur when it comes to the finest diamonds, having been the founder of diamond specialist firm Infinite Diam. Now, he also confirms his connection with jewelry shop Galith, which is operated by his own daughter, also named Galith.

ISRAEL – Apr 3rd, 2018 – Many companies and individuals who have been involved in the diamond industry have already heard of Patrick Saada. He is, after all, the founder of the famous diamond mining, trading, and manufacturing company Infinite Diam, which has been in operations for years.

Through the guidance and mentoring of Patrick Saada, Infinite Diam has grown from a simple mining firm to a firm involved in the trading as well as the manufacturing of diamonds. Infinite Diam, which was founded more than 4 years ago, takes pride in being a family-run organization as well, with its headquarters situated in the International Diamond Exchange hub of Israel.

But aside from mining, trading, and manufacturing, Patrick Saada has just confirmed that he is also now connected to Galith, a popular jewelry shop specialising in different kinds of jewelry, particularly diamond engagement rings. Galith is actually run and operated by Patrick Saada’s own daughter, who used her own name for her jewelry shop and brand.

Thanks to Patrick Saada’s involvement with Galith, the jewelry shop is able to acquire the highest quality diamond stones in order to transform them into extraordinary works of art – pieces of jewelry which any woman would be proud to own. Patrick Saada’s daughter, Galith, has been involved in the diamond industry from a young age, so it’s only natural that she should follow in her father’s footsteps and start a jewelry shop which caters to the most selective clients. As explained in Galith’s own website, “In 2013, Galith went on to become a graduate gemologist at the GIA in New York City. She then spent time in her family’s business, witnessing her father and brother supply diamonds to the most prestigious brands in the world. Inspired and ready, she opened her brand’s design house at the diamond exchange in Tel Aviv in 2016 and is now planning to open her first showroom in Paris in late 2017.”

It goes without saying that Galith has her father Patrick Saada’s full support. With his own knowledge and years of expertise as well as his direct access to the most precious stones in the world, his involvement with the Galith jewelry brand will cement the reputation of Galith even more.

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Patrick Saada has long been involved in the manufacturing, trading, and mining of precious diamonds. To learn more about the expertise of Patrick Saada, visit the Patrick Saada website. 

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