Patrick O’Rahilly of FactoryFix Insists Onsite Daycare Critical for Manufacturers’ Employee Recruitment

Patrick O’Rahilly of FactoryFix Insists Onsite Daycare Critical for Manufacturers’ Employee Recruitment

Patrick O’Rahilly, CEO and Founder of FactoryFix, a recruiting platform that connects manufacturers to vetted, skilled workers, was recently featured in Forbes. O’Rahilly discussed how manufacturers can find more workers by offering childcare. Read the full article here

O’Rahilly noted, “Manufacturers can tiptoe into offering childcare, and very quickly, the receptivity among prospective candidates can be quantified. In many cases, when all things are equal, the benefit of childcare could become the make-or-break decision. Just as this option is a deciding factor for job candidates, it’ll also answer whether it’s a productive decision for manufacturers. For example, keep an eye out for an uptick in applicants in your job listings that explicitly offer daycare. Employee retention may also increase because a manufacturing employer has resolved a primary concern of workers.”

O’Rahilly is a proud member of the Forbes Business Council, An invitation-only organization for senior-level sales and business development executives. Members are respected leaders and executives who are selected for the council based on the depth and diversity of experience in the business development space.

About FactoryFix:  

FactoryFix’s purpose is two-fold: 1) to help companies with hiring by providing access to a unique talent pool, vetting applicants, providing salary insights, generating job listings, and other tools to streamline the process. 2) It also allows job seekers to create profiles to easily find employers that fit their skill-sets, thus maximizing their earning potential.

Patrick O’Rahilly, Founder of FactoryFix, explains, “The result is a tremendous time and costs savings when compared to hiring through a traditional staffing agency or job board. Both have their advantages, but staffing firms are expensive, and job boards require a lot of time and effort to sift through unqualified candidates. The FactoryFix platform takes the best of each and combines it into a turn-key hiring solution made exclusively for this industry.”

Companies that engage in an annual subscription are guaranteed qualified workers for their open positions. Some of the most popular jobs on FactoryFix include operator, maintenance, welding, machining, and automation roles. Explore more than 250,000 jobs on the most robust US Manufacturing job board today:

Few hiring solutions offer quantifiable success rates in matching top talent to positions with the appropriate skill sets. Only through a robust platform that incorporates deeper-level matching can hiring efficiency be measured and maximized.

FactoryFix guarantees a total number of hires per year to ensure that customers meet their desired cost-per-hire target. The company recently introduced a 3-directional chat service, TalentText, to further expedite the hiring process. Request a demo.

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