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The Oni-Goroshi Sword was already added to the Xbox build of Path of Exile. The article also details how to get it.

One of the biggest complaints players of PoE on Xbox One is the long wait times before updates. The PC build of the game gets updates around a month earlier than the Xbox build. If you were wondering when Xbox players get the Oni-Goroshi, fortunately, the update for this new unique weapon on Xbox had come last Sunday, January 28.

The Oni-Goroshi

What is the Oni-Goroshi anyway? It’s a unique one-handed sword. However, it doesn’t let the player equip anything on the off-hand. Despite that, it still isn’t considered a two-handed weapon. It grants the ‘Her Embrace’ buff for three seconds when an enemy is ignited.

The buff makes the player immune to stun, freeze, chill, ignite, and Burning Ground. It also gives a 20% increase in attack, cast and movement speed. Lastly, 123% of physical sword damage will be gained as extra fire damage. It has six linked sockets as a hidden mod, letting the sword ignore item level and socket limit of one-handed PoE items.

How to Get It

It’s a somewhat repetitive process, only sped up a little by using different characters. It involves defeating the boss Hillock again and again without going back to the town, as doing that will close the area for further repetition. When the character is level 7 and above, the Oni-Goroshi will start spawning with the boss and will be dropped upon defeat. It isn’t a hundred percent guarantee though. The only guarantee is that the sword will begin to appear at that point.

Continue enjoying Path of Exile with the new Oni-Goroshi! Collect more PoE orbs and other items or sweep enemies with this awesome new sword.

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