Paper Recycling Market Size, Opportunity & Industry Analysis 2023 – 2030

Paper Recycling Market Size, Opportunity & Industry Analysis 2023 - 2030
Paper Recycling Market Size, Forecast By 2030
The need for paper recycling will increase due to rising levels of literacy among the middle class and urbanization.

According to We Market Research, the future prospects of the paper recycling market would improve in the next years due to the rising demand for products made of paper-based packaging in the food and industrial industries.

According to a recent survey by We Market Research, recovered paper satisfies more than 35% of the demand for paper raw materials in nations like China and India. Due to a shortage of waste paper collection and segregation systems, India imports a lot of recovered paper to meet its domestic need.

Market Dynamics

Paper Recycling Market has grown significantly over the past several years as a result of growing concern over the depletion of environmental resources. In emerging nations, the demand for recycled paper is growing at a CAGR of more than 7-8% yearly.

The high cost of equipment, ineffective waste paper collection and segregation systems, and intense rivalry from foreign competitors are the main obstacles in the paper recycling sector.

The main goal of the regional paper recyclers is to create efficient systems for collecting and segregation of waste paper in the area. Leading recycling firms are putting in place automated, highly effective recycling technologies to reduce high manufacturing costs and get rid of labour-intensive procedures.

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Government laws have decreased the availability of the raw resources needed to make new paper, which has caused new paper prices to increase:

Government laws have increased the price of the product and decreased the quantity of raw resources used to create new paper, which is preventing the market from growing. Paper, ink, and printing presses are all in limited supply. The paper shortage starts when there is a scarcity of wood pulp. In 2023, wood pulp prices rose from $700 to 750 per metric ton to above $1,200 per metric ton, according to a report by the printing company Sheridan. The price increase is yet another important factor limiting market growth.

Paper-based packaging materials are becoming more and more in demand in both the industrial and culinary sectors:

Paper or paperboard is used to make ice cream cups, microwave popcorn bags, baking paper, milk cartons, fast food containers like pizza, beverage cups, and other goods. Plain paper is insufficient for food products due to its weak barrier properties, low heat saleability, and strength. Polyvinyl chloride, biodegradable food packaging, and polythene terephthalate are the most frequently used packaging materials in the industrial sector. In most cases, these components are created with the use of paper-based packaging materials.

Paper is less effective at blocking air, light, and microbes than other packaging materials like plastic, which poses a significant market challenge:

Maintaining paper records is a risk. They may catch fire, turn brittle and yellow, or succumb to water. Digital files can’t be physically damaged; thus they don’t present the same risks as paper ones do. Paper offers a greater defence against air, light, and germs than other packaging materials like plastic, and as a result, this aspect presents a significant hurdle to growth for the waste paper recycling industry.

Regional Overview

North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Japan are the seven geographic regions that make up the Paper Recycling market. In Europe, more than 57 million tons of paper are gathered for recycling purposes.

Additionally, the collection rate is consistently rising and surpasses 50% yearly. Recycled paper also meets more than 50% of the demand for raw materials in Europe. The primary end use for recycled paper is newsprint, followed by packaging items.

Although the market for recycling paper is expanding, developed nations are doing so more slowly than developing ones. Due to low paper recycling rates and poor company penetration in the region, the Asia-Pacific and Latin American regions have a significant market opportunity for paper recycling. Governments in nations like India and China are also assisting paper recyclers to prevent the loss of natural resources and boost recycling rates in the area.

In MEA region, UAE and Saudi Arabia will soon ban plastic packaging products which will create the high demand for paper packaging products in the region. Escalating demand will also boost the demand for recycled paper in the region. There are lots of opportunities in the paper recycling market in the developing countries such as China because it is the leading importer of the waste paper in the world. This scenario could be reversed by the increase in domestic production of the recovered paper in the country.

Market Players

Some of the key players in the Paper Recycling market are Hanna Paper Recycling, Inc., International Paper Company, DS Smith Recycling Holding B.V., Waste Management Inc., WestRock Company, WM Recycle America, LLC, Sonoco Recycling LLC, Caraustar Industries, Inc., Pratt Industries, Inc., Saica Group, Ricova Recycling.

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Paper Recycling Market: Market Segmentation

By Source of Collection

  • Industries
  • Offices
  • Households

By Application

  • Newsprint
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Writing & Printing Paper
  • Packaging Products

By Collection & Segregation Channel

  • Kerb-side Pick-up
  • Paper Bank Collection
  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Collection

By End Use Industries

  • Food & beverages
  • Retail
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Printing & Paper
  • Building & Construction
  • Others

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