Panama Relocation Tours Releases a New Video titled “What’s It Like to Live in Panama City,” showcasing the Beauty of Living in Panama

Discover the beauty of Panama from the lenses of the Panama Relocation Tours Company as they share a video documentary providing insight into the beautiful scenery and climate of the country

When the issue of retiring arises, seniors begin to search for places to relocate to which would be convenient for their health and not pose a financial strain. There are many reasons why Panama is a preferred destination for retirees considering what fits them best. Still, sadly, despite Panama’s popularity as a retirement destination, there’s little information available for those looking to move there.

Panama Relocation Tours has been the companion of thousands of retirees who have come to find the country a destination to live in after retirement. The travel company helps retirees and anyone looking to relocate to Panama find what they need to live in Panama by providing information about medical insurance options, law issues, banking facilities, foreign residency permits, places to visit, etc.

As part of their commitment to taking the scare off the move to Panama, Panama Relocation Tours has created and published a video on “What’s It Like to Live in Panama City.” The video, which is live at, features two long-time residents talk about the many advantages of living in Panama City. It reveals the reasons why Mike and Bob have lived in Panama after relocating for over ten years.

“People are amazed when they see how beautiful Panama is,” asserted Jackie Lange, the owner of Panama Relocation Tours. “In the eleven years that we’ve been offering Panama Relocation Tours, we’ve helped 7100 people relocate to Panama the easy way,” she added.

Panama Relocation Tours offers all-inclusive 6-day, 7-night relocation tours of Panama to show people the most popular places to live and teach them all the things they need to know to have a smooth move to Panama. They are the go-to company for insights into relocating to Panama as they have dominated the market for over eleven years. In addition, Panama Relocation Tours offer private two-day tours of the most popular places to live in Panama.

“You can live better for less in Panama. In addition, the lower cost of living, amazing weather, and modern infrastructure attract people to Panama,” Jackie Lange concluded.

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After Jackie Lange moved to Panama in 2010, friends asked her to do a tour of Panama, and the request for tours began to pour in, which led to the creation of Panama Relocation Tours. Today, through the Panama Relocation Tours, Jackie offers all-inclusive 6-day, 7-night tours of Panama to help people decide if Panama is a good place to relocate. During the tour, guests see Panama City, beach towns, and mountain towns while learning about getting a visa, finding a rental, affordable health insurance, and more.

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