Palm 88 Hipnoterapi Redefines Indonesian Hypnotherapy

December 25, 2018 – Palm 88 mindset also known as “Herumindset’’ is an Indonesian based internationally certified hypnotherapist (awarded certification by NGH, United kingdom), this hypnotherapy is fashioned specifically for the Indonesian community, and HERUDMINDSET has worked vastly for more than 16 years in the aspect of psychological issues solving them with the broad knowledge of hypnotherapy.

HERUDMINDSET was formally known as “palm 88 mindset’’ as at last year, making sure to give a clearer picture of all it’s about which was a major reason behind the rebranding of the name.

Hypnotherapy is a form of cure to the mind and HERUDMINDSET is capable of rendering such cure. There are a whole lot of problems that might befall a person’s mind, some of which might include; Addiction, forgetfulness, uneasy mind, bipolar disorder, sleeping disorder, migraines, personal development, self confidence, motivation, dealing with a past and a lot of other mind-related problems.

However, HERUDMINDSET has so defined itself by gaining recognition from a number of international bodies and defined itself specifically in Indonesia to face a lot of psychological problems bearing it in mind that the methods outlined are very effective, simple and have worked for a good number of clients over the years. They have been praised by the relations and family members of many clients too as a result of this. It is quite important to note that every hypnotherapy session has to involve the full consent of the client, because, only this way can the therapy be effective.

Over centuries, there has been a lot of debate whether hypnotherapy is a safe technique or not but at HERUDMINDSET, beyond every doubt it is indeed a safe procedure that really helps to put the brain at peace, making it relaxed and ready to be worked on. The process involves the brain being put on different forms of frequency, ranging from beta waves to alpha, theta and Delta each wave containing its own different functions.

Below are some functions of hypnotherapy offered by HERUDMINSET:

  1. Someone who is always being anxious and anxious for no particular reason which is perhaps caused by the subconscious mind. With hypnotherapy the cause of the problem is sorted out and solved.
  2. Hypnotherapy helps to deal with an unfortunate event of a person’s past.
  3. Helping to achieve more goals, especially in the area of putting one’s thoughts together and having more focus, so as to be more productive.
  4. Eliminating low self esteem, which is possible to regress one and impend one’s progress in life.
  5. Getting rid of bad habits, that may be quite difficult to put an end to. And a lot more.

Choose HERUDMINDSET today and get rid of: Drugs, sexual proclivities, phobias, traumas, insomnia, lack of concentration, and so on.

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