Pain Specialist Clinic Reported New Treatment for Sciatica and Lower Back Pain Relief without use of Painkillers

Pain Specialist Clinic Reported New Treatment for Sciatica and Lower Back Pain Relief without use of Painkillers
It is reported by the Pain Specialist Clinic has stated the introduction of PEMF therapy to fight back the chronic pain caused due to severe sciatica or lower back problem. In PEMF therapy, a device of higher intensity is used that makes use of the electromagnetic field to rejuvenate the body, conduct cellular repair, and even provide freedom from chronic pain.

Recommendation has been made to overcome the chorionic problem of the back after diagnosis with the treatment applicable for sciatica and lower spine treatment. In the diagnosis, the priority is provided to pain relief by the natural method which means that no painkiller or inflammatory drugs are utilized by the best physiotherapist doctor in Delhi who are associated with the group known as Pain Specialist Clinic.

PEMF Therapy is enabled with the use of a device that makes use of the electromagnetic field to modulate the CaM-dependent signaling pathways which are responsible to coordinate the release of cytokines and even support the growth of cellular responses that helps in reducing knee pain.

With the help of this therapeutic device sciatica and back and knee pain get relief without making use of any type of long-term opioid painkiller or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These drugs are considered to be vital for the body as it gets accumulated in the body which gradually results in an adverse effect. Thus, this is the major reason why the PEMF Therapy device opts to be the finest treatment. Commonly, it has been reported that severe back pain is resulted due to slipped disc or herniated disc, or osteoarthritis that is generally caused due to the aging of the spine column.

The symptom of the disorder is so painful that the person suffering from it cannot work properly and is hence ready to accept any type of unsafe treatment. According to the report, it has been estimated that Best Knee Pain Treatment in Delhi even makes use of the unsafe spinal injections and surgeries with the help of which one can only hope to gain relief but PEMF therapy device is considered as a natural device that can be used to treat knee and back pain. Howsoever, after research, it has been decided and agreed to a point that surgical procedure needs to be executed only after the failure of all non-invasion measures that would help in fetching relief to some extent.

Many of the countries have issued a warning regarding the use of corticosteroids injection in the epidural space of the spine that could result in serious adverse events such as loss of vision, stroke, paralysis, and sudden death. Despite such warning, the use of injections has not come to end and is currently involved in curing fungal meningitis that frequently this outbreak in the US. This practice was accomplished to provide short term relief for sciatica related leg, knee, and back pain. The epidural injection is prescribed to be safer than the other alternative methods such as surgery or narcotics.

Pain Specialist Clinic in the association of the best doctors has made a wonderful approach to get listed as the best back pain treatment in Delhi. In the research, it has been conducted that short term exposure of the affected area to electromagnetic field influences the inflammatory cellular and neurological process in the formal pattern of cortical activation followed by inhibition and activation of several neurotransmitters. This magneto therapy opts to be the Best Knee Pain Treatment in Delhi as it helps overcome the chronic and acute pain of musculoskeletal disorder with the use of a protocol that is effective with the specific intensity frequencies. This therapy is effective in treating the area around the nerve just by improving the blood flow of the capillaries to let the person live a risk-free life. 

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