PAFF Nominated Best Feature Documentary Life Or Death The “SILKY SLIM” Story

In the gripping documentary “Life or Death,” we delve into the incredible journey of Silky Slim, a former gang leader whose life takes a profound turn after surviving a tragic accident that claims the lives of his friends. Fueled by miraculous signs, Silky embarks on a mission to break the cycle of violence and crime that once defined him.

As Silky establishes ‘Stop the Killing Inc.,’ a non-profit organization aimed at rescuing at-risk youth from the clutches of gang violence, viewers witness the powerful transformation of a man once feared in the streets becoming a beacon of hope for his community. Through intimate interviews, raw footage, and emotional testimonials, the documentary captures the essence of Silky’s quest for redemption.

The narrative takes an unexpected twist when Silky’s journey intersects with civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump. This dynamic partnership sees Silky evolve into an investigator and paralegal, contributing his unique insights to Crump’s fight for justice in marginalized communities. The documentary sheds light on their collaborative efforts, showcasing the synergy between street wisdom and legal expertise.

As ‘Life or Death’ unfolds, audiences are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions, from the gritty realities of gang life to the heartwarming moments of transformation and resilience. The film culminates with Silky’s visit to the White House, where he advocates for policies addressing the root causes of violence and inequality. His story becomes a testament to the enduring belief that even those with the darkest pasts can be catalysts for change.

“Life or Death” is not just a documentary; it’s a powerful exploration of human potential, redemption, and the indomitable spirit that can turn a life of crime into a force for positive change. Get ready to witness the inspiring journey of Silky Slim as he navigates the thin line between life and death, choosing a path that leads to hope, justice, and the transformative power of second chances.

Screening: Pan African Film & Arts Festival

SILKY SLIM Life or Death: The Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed Story

Sat, Feb 17 @ 7:45p; Sun, Feb 18 @ 3:00p

Cinemark Baldwin Hills Los Angeles, CA

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