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Oxford Similarity Checker is the high-quality duplicate checking service with the best pricing on the market

Vilnius, Lithuania – Oxford Similarity Checker is the plagiarism detection service that offers complete unique writing and is available for organizations, bloggers and creators through the website https://www.oxsic.com and for schools and universities through https://www.oxsico.com.

With the emergence of the internet came a time of content curation like no other time in history. Websites have sprung up all over the web sphere and competing in a deeply saturated market and to stand out, one needs to generate the most unique, useful and compelling content on your website. Duplicate content is a common problem with generating content for SEO which can hurt your search engine stats and might cause your website never to appear at the top of Google’s result page.

Plagiarism checker helps keep duplicate content away but while many checkers are expensive to maintain, Oxford Similarity Checker is an affordable and powerful option. It provides high-quality duplicate checking service with the best pricing on the market. By using Oxsic.com, any website owner would have way better chances to get to the top of Google’s page rank. The Plagiarism checker has many features which makes it a great choice for many professionals and bloggers.

  •  It has a system that can detect 128 languages and find plagiarism.
  •  Detection of hidden plagiarism not caught by the eye.
  •  It is equipped with artificial intelligence, which makes the detection extremely precise.
  •  Comprehensive and clear scoring to help understand the level of plagiarism in a document.
  •  It has an extremely large comparative plagiarism database (over 14+ trillion) comprising scientific, academic, popular and many other genre articles, indexed websites as well as papers.
  •  Extremely quick plagiarism verification (up to 10 seconds per page).
  •  Team management tools.
  •  Extensive plagiarism reporting.
  •  Automated alerts.
  •  And a personal database for every user.

Thousands of organizations and people trust Oxford Similarity Checker and here’s what some of them say:

“I’m very satisfied with the accuracy of your plagiarism detection system. Other systems are not as accurate as this.” – Roberto

“I love this plagiarism checker for its online editing capability, as well as the fact that you don’t have to re-submit numerous times and pay fees. No other service can compare to Oxsic plagiarism checker system.” – Anne

“I’m a very demanding customer, yet I’ve found Oxford Similarity Checker to work almost as perfectly as I imagined any perfect system should. I am extremely appreciative of the Plagiarism Concentration Score, as it allows evaluation of a document without the need to open it.” – Edith

About Oxford Similarity Checker:

Oxford Similarity Checker (Oxsic) is a professional plagiarism checker designed for bloggers, teams and individual users. The tool was developed by professionals who have experience with creating and maintaining plagiarism checking solutions. The plagiarism checking market is growing daily and those who offer this service charge a fortune but Oxsic seeks to provide the best checking service at affordable rates for all clients.

Learn more about Oxford Similarity Checker (Oxsic) on the website https://www.oxsic.com

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