Oxford Magic Walking Tours: Renowned Magician Launches Unique Tours in Oxford

Dive into the heart of Oxford’s legendary streets with the Oxford Magic Walking Tours. This is not just a walk; it’s a journey through time, blending the enchantment of magic with the rich tapestry of history. Tailored for families, history enthusiasts, and admirers of the Harry Potter universe, these tours are uniquely poised to offer an experience like no other in oxford.

Oxford city only Tour with Live Entertainment

An innovative venture founded by Shane Sterling, a professional magician with the honor of having entertained the Royal Family, offers a unique blend of magic and storytelling in the historic streets of Oxford and Oxford University. Shane, with his expertise in the art of illusion and magic, has captivated audiences across the UK with his performances.

A Fusion of Education and Magic

Imagine embarking on a mesmerizing journey led by not just any guide, but a professional magician and a historian, As you walk through Oxford University’s iconic locations, including those that inspired and appeared in the Harry Potter films on this Harry Potter tour of oxford, magic and illusion breathe life into history, creating an experience that’s as educational as it is entertaining.

Two Unforgettable Tours in One

Our flagship, The Oxford Walking Tour, Wizardry and History two tours in one is a 90-minute Adventure through the city of oxford that combines Oxford University’s prime attractions with stories of student life and Harry Potter filming locations and sights of inspiration. Also check the Oxford Walking Ghost Tour, lasting 75 minutes, uncover the dark and gruesome side of Oxford, filled with spine-chilling stories and unexpected surprises not forgetting a game of cards with the devil himself.

Customized Private Tours for a Unique Exploration

For an experience tailored to your preferences , Oxford Magic Walking Tours offers private tours. Ideal for individual VIP explorers, corporate groups, Schools and colleges who wish to learn and be inspired by Oxford University, these tours can be tailored to your specific needs such as start and finish time

Why Opt for Oxford Magic Walking Tours?

A Blend of Historical Insight and Magical Flair: Our tours aren’t just Tours of the city It’s a magical experience

Harry Potter Fans: we also create popular spells right out of the harry potter films that looks like trick photography

Interactive and Engaging: Every step of the journey is laced with captivating stories and magical illusions, ensuring a memorable experience for all age groups.

Comprehensive Coverage: From Oxford’s major tourist spots to the Harry Potter filming locations, the tours provide a thorough understanding of the city’s heritage and academic significance.

Small Group Dynamics: Guaranteeing a personal and intimate exploration of Oxford.

Family Oriented: Crafted to captivate both young minds and adults, ensuring a memorable family adventure.

An Experience for All Ages

At Oxford Magic Tours, we commit to delivering an experience that’s as accessible as it is enchanting. Our guides are seasoned experts, adept at weaving tales of intrigue and wonder, making every tour a spellbinding adventure, whether it’s a family outing, an educational trip, or a solo expedition.

About Oxford Magic Tours

Leading the way in guided walking tours in Oxford, UK, Oxford Magic Tours excels in storytelling and in-depth knowledge of Oxford’s heritage combined with entertainment. The Tours unique in style The only walking tour company not just in oxford but in The UK to offer live entertainment by Professional entertainers that have performed for the British Royal Family.

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