Oxford graduate shares the importance of SEO for promoting a website via his popular personal blog in China

Zhenhao Ma goes by the name of Oxford Pony on his personal blog, xmgseo.com (aka 牛津小马哥SEO教程)’, where he shares a wide range of articles related to Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and its importance in promoting a website. Oxford Pony graduated from Oxford University where he completed his undergraduate computer science/Master of Finance and worked in companies like Amplify ASOS, Manulife and others. He is an expert in data mining and financial modeling. At present, he is working as a data engineer and SEO blogger for his personal blog in China.

His aim is to create awareness to Chinese E-commerce seller about the importance of SEO in ranking a website higher in Google search, and driving traffic to the website. Not only this, he shares a variety of useful articles for improving the SEO of any website. He states there are over a hundred factors that impact the website’s ranking on Google Search and what one can do to work on all these factors so that their website ranks higher. His blog features articles on specific categories like grey hat SEO, white hat SEO, and black hat SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the key factors in the success of any blog or website. Including Google keywords in the web content is just the tip of the iceberg in the extensive process of optimizing a website. 

Oxford Pony has a deep understanding of search engine algorithms and he constantly keeps expanding his knowledge on every update related to SEO. He shares this valuable knowledge in the form of elaborated articles on his personal blog.

Anyone who owns a blog, website or an online business must check out his articles in category ‘180 days of the new site SEO’, that features tried and tested methods to improve SEO of any website. In this category, he will post 180 articles to transform any website’s SEO in 180 days. As of now, he features over 10 articles for everyday optimization. Some of the articles featured in this category are, Design your PBN site, Internal chain optimization skills, The impact of Javascript on SEO, Fixed the dead chain, SEO picture skills, the first day of SEO and more.

“Most often, people don’t realize how SEO can impact their business and help them in achieving success online. This is why I have created this personal blog to post useful articles for anyone who wants to learn about SEO and wants to implement it for improving their website’s ranking in Google Search”, says Oxford Pony.

More information about his blog can be found at xmgseo.com.

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