Owner Of Doggie Day Care In Las Vegas, NV, Shares Things Most Clients Overlook

Most people when they decide to open a business do their homework to learn what will and will not work best for their customers. Opening a kenneling service is no different, but one kennel owner took her research on what to do and not to do to a new level.

Lisa Imbesi is the owner of Pawsh Palace, a luxury dog hotel and dog sitting service in Las Vegas, NV. She learned quickly what was good and was not good for the customer and more importantly, the guest.

“People treat their dogs like a member of the family. This means they want the absolute best possible care for their pets. I looked around at what other kennels did. I learned more of what not to do than what to do in the process,” said Imbesi when considering opening 24 hour dog boarding for residents of Las Vegas, NV.

One of the biggest issues she noted was the lack of opportunity dogs were afforded for exercise and fresh air. Most were simply crated into a metal crate and left there. The dogs were allowed out three times a day for exercise and toilet.

“There was no interaction, no petting, talking or spending time with the dogs. It was strictly business. The owner could, naturally, pay additional fees for extra time out. I thought that was cruel,” continued Imbesi.

Imbesi believes in spending time with the dogs, assuring them and providing them comfort in their time spent at the best dog daycare of Las Vegas, NV. This way, all of the dogs are calmer and relaxed.

“It is quite shocking to have your family up and leave you for a time. Contact is good for the dogs and for the employees who spend time with them. All in all, it works out well for all parties involved,” said Imbesi.

More information, including information on additional services offered, is on the website. Visit www.pawshpalacelv.com for details.

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